Jason Bateman Found A New Thriller To Direct Before Making Clue And More Ozark

Jason Bateman in Ozark
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Jason Bateman is a very busy guy, as an actor and increasingly as a director. You probably know he both stars in and recently won an Emmy for directing Ozark, Netflix's awesome drama series, which will return for Season 3 in 2020. He was also recently announced to direct Ryan Reynolds in the new Clue remake. However, while the Clue movie is still said to be in the works -- as written by Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick -- Bateman is going to squeeze in another movie before returning for more Ozark.

According to Deadline, Jason Bateman will next direct the thriller Shut In, written by first-timer Melanie Toast. Shut In is an edgy thriller following a single mother who is held captive by her violent ex, with her two young children left at risk. The movie was described as in the vein of David Fincher's Panic Room, starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart. Sounds like it's too early to know the casting of Shut In, but it won't include Jason Bateman. He's just meant to direct it.

The reason he's doing Shut In is because it's a contained thriller, he liked the script, and it fits better with his schedule because he can film it in early 2020. Apparently directing Clue would be too much for him to do before returning to Ozark.

Back in late September 2019, when the Jason Bateman Clue news came out, Deadline noted that he had just started production on the new season of Ozark and would direct two episodes in Season 3. Bateman also directed the first two episodes of The Outsider, and he also stars in that miniseries as Terry Maitland; that Stephen King adaptation premieres January 12, 2020 on HBO. (Apparently it's one of King's best adaptations, according to King.)

Netflix hasn't officially renewed Ozark for Season 4 yet, but showrunner Chris Mundy has talked about wanting five seasons so hopefully the team gets to reach its goal. The show has found a loyal fan base and critics love it too. Then again, Netflix sometimes likes to cancel things after three seasons.

It sounds like Jason Bateman will go from Ozark to Shut In to more Ozark to Clue ... and then maybe more Ozark?

At any rate, Jason Bateman has a busy 2020 lined up -- and that's not even counting that John Cena action comedy he was also attached to. It sounded fun when we heard about it last year, anyway.

For my fellow Ozark fans, Netflix has yet to release a date announcement or trailer for Season 3, but the first two seasons both premiered 10 episodes in the late summer (July 21, 2017 and August 31, 2018) so they may just continue the trend.

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