Why Ozark's Jason Bateman Thinks Audiences Respond So Positively To The Dark Drama

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Why does Ozark’s Jason Bateman think audiences respond so positively to the dark drama? It is a favorite among Netflix users for a reason, and Bateman has his thoughts on why the show has struck a chord. For two seasons, fans have been enthralled with the machinations of the Byrde family.

Jason Bateman’s Marty and his wife, Wendy, are always trying to get out of the latest hole they find themselves in, of which there have been many. In a television age of complicated protagonists filling the screen, Ozark’s various players are part of the trend. Is that part of the Netflix series’ appeal? Bateman gave his take, telling The Wrap:

It’s great that it’s not black and white. That it’s not good vs. evil or villain vs. hero. That’s the satisfying takeaway from our show, and that’s what gives you the anxiety, that there’s a level of tangible and relatable conflict and confusion. You recognize that you might be saddled with the same type of push-pull based on mistakes.

Like real life, Ozark’s drama is complicated. There are no easy answers. Few shows are as intense as the Netflix series, in my opinion. It has an anything-can-happen mystique that keeps the adrenaline pumping even in the quiet lulls.

I think Jason Bateman makes a salient point about the audience recognizing they could deal with the same type of issues. Not in the money laundering sense, but in other day-to-day mess ups.

At its core, Ozark is arguably a story about a pair of parents trying to keep their family alive, at any cost. Accordingly, Jason Bateman dug into the aspects that Ozark does not depict, which he thinks pushes the show further. Bateman said:

There’s not a ton of explosions and effects and overt violence in the show. Hopefully, what is unsettling about it is that it’s humanity pushed right to the edge of what you’re capable of justifying.

Marty and Wendy Byrde have proven their ability to justify what they feel needs to happen is pretty resilient. Look no further than Season 2, where the lengths that the Byrdes were willing to go became even more pronounced.

Marty did appear to struggle with some of the things they had to do in Season 2. He also made what I thought was an infuriating choice at the end of the season, regarding a certain tiny someone.

As shown on Ozark, justification and rationalization are slippery slopes. As for Wendy, she decided to make her own waves as the season drew to a close.

Time will tell what impact Marty and Wendy’s choices have on them in the future. Netflix renewed the drama for a third season back in October 2018. There are a few things that I hope to see happen in it.

There are already a few signs that Ozark will not be losing its excitement factor. The series’ showrunner has already revealed the arrival of a much-teased character in Season 3. Please, let the next installment arrive soon!

The third season has not even arrived yet, and Ozark’s showrunner has revealed that he is already preparing the series finale. Hopefully that finale will not air for a long time to come.

A premiere date for Ozark Season 3 has not been announced yet. The first two seasons of Ozark are currently streaming on Netflix, among other premieres. To help cope with the Byrdes’ time away, check out this fall’s premieres.

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