Kevin Smith Has Revealed His Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Cameo

Kevin Smith looking shocked as Silent Bob.

Kevin Smith is famous for two things: directing a lot of hilarious cult classic movies and being an unapologetic superfan of both superheroes and Star Wars. That obsession with a galaxy far far away scored him some voicework as a Stormtrooper in Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and apparently, it scored him a cameo in Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker too.

Don’t worry if you missed it. It wasn’t one of those minor but important supporting roles people sometimes refer to as cameos. This was a background situation. He’s in the scene where Poe is avoiding the Stormtroopers on Kijimi as a “bundled-up local”.

Apparently the wheels for this appearance started spinning following Kevin Smith’s heart attack. Director JJ Abrams reached out to offer his well-wishes and put an inspirational carrot on the table. If Smith’s health improved enough, he could head over to Pinewood Studios and appear in the movie. Said health did improve, and Smith headed over to England for a few days to hang out and shoot the scene.

That seems like a pretty damn good way to incentivize someone to get better, and it’s always fun to see directors, even when they typically work in different genres, supporting each other. Actors are able to flip from project-to-project and make a lot of connections working with different actors each time. Directors don’t have that luxury.

Of course no one can tell a story quite like Kevin Smith. He probably came out of the womb telling a story. So, I’d encourage you to read his Facebook below that adds a little more color to the situation…

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As for where Star Wars will go from here, there are more question marks than anything else. The Skywalker Saga is allegedly done, and the franchise is going to mostly focus on new or lesser characters moving forward. JJ Abrams has also been very clear that he’s moving on to different projects. That’s probably a good thing. For Star Wars to thrive and survive over the long haul, it needs new characters that connect with new generations.

As for Kevin Smith, he recently returned to the world of Jay And Silent Bob and dropped a very well-received sequel. Whatever he ends up doing next, however, you can guarantee he’ll pause long enough to stay updated with wherever Star Wars goes. He seems just as passionate as ever, and you always know he’ll be willing to speak his mind on however he feels.

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