Nicolas Cage's Craziest Fan Encounter Involved A Home Invasion And A Fudgesicle

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman in Trespass
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Oh, Nicolas Cage! You certainly can’t become a legend by being ordinary, can you? Between stealing the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure, swapping faces with John Travolta in Face/Off or singing “Purple Rain” angry karaoke in his spare moments, there’s always seems to be something bizarre going on with the actor. And now yet another one has come up... or resurfaced anyway.

At the premiere of Nic Cage’s new film Color Out of Space, he was asked about an old headline involving a home invasion involving a naked man and a fudgesicle. As Cage remarked, it’s 100 percent true and not nearly as hilarious as it appears. In his words:

I know it sounds funny, but it was terrifying… It was a home invasion…I was asleep at 2 in the morning and my young son at the time was in the other room and I woke up and there was a naked man who had gotten my leather jacket, eating a fudgesicle in front of my bed. I woke up and I used Verbal Judo and I just said, ‘Get out of my house.’

The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse actor recalled the disturbing anecdote to Extra, with this incident taking place at a time when he was living in Newport Beach, California with his wife and once-two-year-old son. Apparently the intruder would often break into Nicolas Cage’s home when he was working and try on his clothing. One time, the man decided to do it when he was home, and it understandably scared him!

Nicolas Cage described the man as being naked, except for donning one of his leather jackets and eating a fudgesicle when he spotted him. Cage was able to get him to leave by using “Verbal Judo” to scare him off with his voice. According to Reuters, Cage did not press charges against the man because he was suffering from mental problems.

The actor first told the story back in 2011 when he was promoting the film Trespass with Nicole Kidman. The movie was about a home invasion where Cage and Kidman’s mansion is broken into and the family are held for ransom. Cage said he actually could not stay in his Newport Beach house after the incident in his home and moved shortly after.

What a story, huh? Of course, this isn’t the only obscure story to come with Nicolas Cage’s name attached. The actor was also reportedly a victim of a huge comic book heist. One time, he apparently bought a stolen dinosaur skull on accident. Oh, and he tripped out on mushrooms with his cat.

So what’s next for Nic Cage? He has a movie in the works where he’ll play an exaggerated version of himself, and National Treasure 3 might be finally back on track. The Lovecraftian Color Out of Space hits theaters on January 24!

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