Spiral Trailer: First Look At Chris Rock’s Saw Movie Is Surprisingly Free Of Blood

Spiral: From The Book of Saw Chris Rock squinting while bathed in blue light

As if being summoned by the mention of its all but officially confirmed title, we now have a first look at Chris Rock’s Saw movie. While there isn’t any blood shed on screen just yet, we now know that Spiral: From The Book of Saw is in fact the title for the movie; and it’s looks insanely promising.

Take your first glimpse into the new world of Saw, below:

While it’s a short and sweet teaser, this introduction to Spiral: From The Book of Saw is giving off a lot of specific vibes in how it sets up its plot. One story the film looks to tell is that of Detective Banks (Chris Rock) and his partner (Max Minghella) as they investigate a Jigsaw inspired killer who’s targeting cops.

Another story looks to focus on Samuel L. Jackson’s character, who seems to be looking into something very similar, albeit in the more darkly lit corner of Spiral: From The Book of Saw’s plot. It’s a safe bet that these two stories will cross over, possibly with a twist or two connecting them, by time director Darren Lynn Bousman’s return to the Saw franchise is over, and that’s where the real games begin.

What’s even more interesting about Spiral: From The Book of Saw is the fact that this trailer shows us a movie that, while using the same pieces the famed Lionsgate franchise has frequently employed before, looks more polished and dangerous. In fact, it feels like director David Fincher’s Se7en was a prime influence on this outing meant to reboot the series.

That thought is invoked with the utmost respect, as rather than just aping the style of the classic serial killer tale, Spiral: From The Book of Saw looks like it’s embodied the concept rather effectively. You can definitely see it with Chris Rock’s Detective Banks, as he’s carrying some real Morgan Freeman energy in certain scenes on display.

On another interesting, Fincher related note, the teaser poster for Spiral: From The Book of Saw definitely feels like it’s lovingly cribbed from the Gone Girl one sheet/home video art.

Spiral: From The Book of Saw poster

Clearly the Fincher is strong with this one, and that’s more than a good thing to be talking about with the teaser for Spiral: From The Book of Saw. It’s been almost three years since Jigsaw looked like it was going to put the Saw franchise on ice for good, and even re-releasing the original film on its 10th anniversary back in 2014 did little to no business with fans.

But with Rock’s passion, and an out of the box approach to sharpening this formerly killer box office titan, there’s a chance that Spiral: From The Book of Saw just might cut it after all. Should that occur, we might not only see a new phase of Saw series history, we just might see a new act in Chris Rock’s movie career.

Spiral: From The Book of Saw sets the pieces of its game in motion on May 15th. But you don’t have to wait that long for something scary at a theater near you! Check out the 2020 release schedule, and scare up some fun.

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