Wow, Looks Like Sony Has Another Spider-Man Spinoff In The Works

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While Sony and Marvel Studios have made nice and will continue to foster the future of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man franchise as co-parents, that hasn’t stopped the studio who first brought the webslinger to the screen from growing their own cadre of Marvel related franchises. And it looks like those plans are advancing even further, as a new release date for another potential Spider-Man spinoff has just been announced to the public.

That news came in the form of the following announcement, which landed on social media this morning:

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If you were looking for a Spider-Man spinoff to entertain yourself with in 2021, you’ve now had your wish granted. With October 8, 2021 announced by Exhibitor Relations Co. as being earmarked for this mysterious Sony project, that would see this film being the first to stake out that particular date in that calendar year. Though, a week after this particular debut, both Halloween Ends and the filmed version of Hamilton: An American Musical being distributed by Disney will be released.

What’s really interesting about this announcement is the fact that it seems to establish a pattern on the calendar when it comes to Sony’s Marvel flavored canon. As we have seen Spider-Man solo movies opting to open in a July release date since Spider-Man: Homecoming landed on July 7, 2017, Sony’s summer comic movies have tended to keep that tentpole in place.

As of late though, we’ve also seen October become a priority for the studio’s Spider-Man­ spinoff plans, thanks to Venom’s massive success with its October 1 debut back in 2018. This new October 2021 date, as well the mysterious October 2, 2020 project that might just be Venom 2, have now established October as the second stake in the cinematic big top Sony is looking to create with its assorted Marvel Comics’ properties.

Of course, the important question to be asking at this point is, just what Spider-Man spinoff could Sony/Marvel have earmarked for this 2021 release date? Well, the most likely scenario could be that the studio partnership is so bullish about the Andy Serkis directed sequel that they could be teeing up Venom 3 for as a quick and easy follow up.

As Venom performed ridiculously well for a film that not only had a negative buzz attached to itself from the outset, but also as a movie that focused on a Spider-Man villain without a webslinger in sight, this feels like the easiest way to print some money on the Sony lot without making a phone call to Tobey Maguire and/or Andrew Garfield for a Spider-Verse spinoff.

The other scenario that could be envisioned for this October 8, 2021 release date is that a fresh new spin-off that has been lying dormant could be revived for this specific occasion. Anything from the radio silent Silver Sable and Black Cat solo movies to

However, we do know that this isn’t a release date for the sequel to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, as that is neatly tucked away for an April 8, 2022 debut. Unless, Sony’s betting big and priming themselves to move that film’s timetable up a bit. Hey, anything can happen in this business of show and spiders.

Infinite options exist for this new and mysterious 2021 release date, and we probably won’t hear anything until later this year. Should Sony have a presence at San Diego Comic Con this year, it’ll probably be announced as a big newsmaking event; possibly alongside the confirmation of whatever film is supposed to be released this October.

As soon as we hear anything new here at CinemaBlend, you can bet we’ll break those updates as they occur. In the meantime, the next Sony/Marvel film we know is headed our way is Jared Leto’s Morbius; which is slated for unveiling on July 31. And that mysterious October 2, 2020 film, which is probably Venom 2, is also on its way in this calendar year.

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