The Flash: 6 Villains On The CW Show We’d Like To See Reimagined In The DCEU Movie

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League
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Grant Gustin’s “fastest man alive” is in the thick of Season 6 over on CW’s The Flash, but for Ezra Miller’s big-screen Barry Allen it’s just starting to catch up. Back in 2017, Miller debuted his Barry Allen in Justice League, but the first standalone flick about the Scarlet Speedster has been in the works for years. A couple months ago, fans finally received good news when Warner Bros announced a release date for The Flash for summer 2022. So it’s time to talk villains. Which Flash baddies should join the DCEU?

There’s a ton of awesome villains who Barry Allen could cross paths with in The Flash solely looking from the comics, but let’s draw from the character’s we’ve gotten to know on the hit CW show right now. Grant Gustin’s speedster has opposed some significant members of the hero’s lore. Now that a mainstream audience has become familiar with the villains found on the successful series, wouldn't it be fun to see how some of them could be translated to a large-scale movie?

Check out these The Flash villains that we’d like to see reimagined for the upcoming DCEU movie. Keep in mind that there are SPOILERS from past seasons of the television show present here.

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold in The Flash

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Captain Cold

Early on in The Flash, Wentworth Miller’s over-the-top performance as Captain Cold became an instant fan favorite. The villain has been played very much as a character pulled from the pages of a ‘50s comic book. Leonard Snart loves to say the first ice-related pun he can think up and later found a larger role on CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. Miller had a specific charm on The Flash, but a big-screen Captain Cold could bring out a completely different side to the classic villain.

What’s exciting about Captain Cold is he’s the leader of Flash's most vicious Rogues – including Heat Wave and Golden Glider. The villain is also a particularly likable villain considering his code of honor not to kill innocent people or his elaborate heist plans to get some extra cash under his coat. Captain Cold is quite capable of orchestrating entertaining havoc for Barry Allen.

Gorilla Grodd in The Flash television series

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Gorilla Grodd

Ready for a The Planet of the Apes meet the DCEU crossover? One of The Flash’s most famous villains is literally a giant gorilla named Grodd. I’ll be honest with you, when I heard Grodd was coming over to the CW television show my hopes were not high. The character can come off as cartoony and far-fetched. But somehow, the series really made the Grodd storylines a memorable one. The villain has been experimented on – gifting him with genius intellect and mind control abilities.

But at his core Grodd is a damaged animal trying to survive. This may not seem like the best villain to introduce a heaping amount of fans to The Flash on the surface, but if a future movie could tell a timely story about humankind’s harmful effects on nature as a whole it would be an incredibly intriguing topic for the genre.

Reverse Flash in season one of The Flash

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Reverse Flash

Although The Flash has found success with expanding its universe over its six seasons – many would agree its first season was its personal best. Barry Allen going against the Reverse Flash was the kind of season that had fans counting down the days until the next episode each week. In the show, the character is the man responsible for the murder of his mother, which his father was framed for. Not to mention that big reveal that his archenemy turned out to be his mentor, Dr. Harrison Wells. It was personal.

This would be a tough one for the DCEU to retell since The Flash did such a great job already. However, it’s such a good story that many fans wouldn’t mind it being reimagined for Ezra Miller's The Flash. The Reverse Flash is the “foil” of Barry Allen. He’s the ultimate contrast to the Scarlet Speedster, therefore introducing the two together makes for quite the clever introduction to the hero.

Time Wraith in The Flash television show

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Time Wraiths

When Barry Allen used his powers to time travel and enter multiple dimensions in the television show, it introduced a haunting group of characters: Time Wraiths. Now these creepy things are actually one of the few original creations for the CW show. It was a really interesting idea that might add an interesting layer to The Flash.

Time Wraiths are the guardians of the Speed Force who come after Speedsters who abuse their power. What if Ezra Miller’s Barry abused his powers too much and became haunted by them? This is interesting because it allows room for the comic book character Black Flash – who is the manifestation of death in the DC Universe. This could make for a horrifyingly awesome storyline that connect with Barry Allen speeding through time and space.

King Shark in The Flash series

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King Shark

Since James Gunn has been filming his fresh take on The Suicide Squad coming in 2021, King Shark has entered the conversation. Steve Agee will voice the role of the giant meta-human shark that has previously appeared in CW’s The Flash. Since the villain will be introduced in the DCEU movie being released one year prior, we have to wonder if they’ll be an additional connection between Flash and King Shark in the movies too?

Not unlike Grodd, bringing King Shark to the big-screen is no easy feat without The Flash turning into some sort of Jaws or The Meg type. But having Ezra Miller’s Barry come across a character such as King Shark could add a blend of fun and diversity to the DCEU franchise. So often are the villains heroes face serious brooding types. King Shark is both fun and terrifying. Plus, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman could help him! The Justice League returns?

Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost in The Flash

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Killer Frost

I know what you’re thinking. Killer Frost is basically Elsa from Frozen… right? Nah. She’d actually be an awesome villain to see outside space of The Flash television show. In the CW series, she’s an alter ego to Barry’s good friend Caitlin Snow from Earth-2. But in a movie version of her character, she could go full ice queen. Killer Frost doesn’t haven’t to be dependent on this person Danielle Panabaker’s character is trying not to become and that’s an intriguing idea to see come to life.

Killer Frost also has an interesting dynamic in Firestorm too. The two villains have been lovers, allies and enemies in the comics like fire and ice. It would be cool to see a power (villain) couple enter into the DCEU and really mess with Barry. Killer Frost could be an unabashed stick in the side. Come on, it would be badass!

What do you think? Would you like to see Ezra Miller come across any of these villains in The Flash on July 1, 2022? Sound off in the comments and vote in our poll below!

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