Nightmare On Elm Street’s Robert Englund Wants To Play Freddy In A Unique Way

The Goldbergs Freddy Kruger smiling in a corn field

When it comes to playing A Nightmare On Elm Street’s legendary boogieman Freddy Kruger, actor Robert Englund still thinks he’s got another round of terror left in him. But obviously the man who terrorized the dreams of fans and fiends alike knows he’s not up for a physically demanding entry in the franchise. Which makes the fact that he’d jump at the chance to bring Freddy to life through animation all the more exciting.

In a recent interview, Robert Englund pitched this pretty exciting prospect that’s gotten the ball rolling on some interesting developments:

Now, if they did a really expensive animated version, a graphic novel animated version, I would love to go do the voice for it. Yeah, that would be fun to do.

While seeing Robert Englund in costume and makeup one last time, besides that cameo performance you see up above from The Goldbergs, is something all Nightmare fans would love to see, that’s a possibility that the legendary horror actor has ruled out. But an animated adventure feels like a tradeoff that fans could, and should, be more than happy with.

Through the medium of animation, the havoc that Freddy Kruger wreaks on the teenagers of Springwood, in both reality and the dreamscapes of his various victims, could be incredibly visceral. It isn’t exactly business as usual, but it’s an opportunity that could see Robert Englund back at the Elm Street table; and possibly Elijah Wood, if he feels the idea for this new film is to his liking as a potential producer.

During Robert Englund’s time chatting with SyFy Wire, he did state that either a prequel story delving into Freddy’s legal proceedings, or a cameo in an Elm Street movie with another Freddy, could be ways of bringing him back to the live action fold. That former possibility sounds particularly interesting, especially if fellow Nightmare on Elm Street veteran John Saxon helped write the script. It’s not that crazy, as Saxon has done it before, and that kernel of an idea was intriguing to say the least.

Even after talking out a potential live-action return for Freddy Kruger, with Robert Englund in tow in some fashion, that animated idea sounds rather fantastic. If anything, a hybrid of live-action story and animated nightmares could be an even better prospect, allowing Englund to suit up one last time without any stunt work, as well as passing the baton onto a brand new mastermind of nightmare warfare.

Either way, if Robert Englund wants to come back to A Nightmare On Elm Street, whatever he dreams up is something that should be considered. It’s the least those in charge can do for the legions of viewers that lost sleep over his chilling legacy of terror.

There’s no real idea as to when, or how, A Nightmare On Elm Street could come back to the waking world. But as soon as any updates are made available, be they The Conjuring franchise making way for Freddy or any other inciting incident, we here at CinemaBlend will break those details when they come.

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