The Matrix 4 Set Videos Shows Epic Car Chase

Trinity driving while Morpheus fights the ghost in The Matrix Reloaded

For a blockbuster movie as anticipated and mysterious as The Matrix 4, we sure have been seeing a lot of Lana Wachowski’s return to the cyberpunk world. The Matrix 4 is now filming on location in San Francisco and that means the public has been able to glimpse the production, witnessing everything from impressive wire stunts to massive explosions. As filming continues, The Matrix 4 set videos now show that the film may include an epic car chase.

A Twitter user going by SkyBobbyTv posted a video purporting to show filming taking place for The Matrix 4 in San Francisco. The video is shot from either the second or third story of a building adjacent to the street where the filming was taking place. There is mist being produced for the shot and the video is taken from far enough away that you can’t make any of the actors out and what’s happening isn’t entirely clear, but it appears to be perhaps the end or beginning of a car chase. Check it out below.

To set the scene, when the video begins we see a police car parked half in the street and half on the sidewalk with what another car, perhaps an SUV, parallel to it facing in the opposite direction. When the action starts, another car (looks like a 70s muscle car but hard to tell) quickly drives in and pulls up to the curb, right behind the police car. That’s when things get really interesting.

As soon as the car pulls up, people come running off of the sidewalk and pouring out of the closest building and immediately begin throwing themselves on top of the car and the SUV. These people are falling all over the cars, smothering them in what I can only guess is an attempt to get at whoever is in them.

After a few seconds of this the SUV drives off with people on top of it. As it does, bodies fall off and others give chase to try and catch it. It then comes to a stop and is surrounded by people banging on the windows. If you didn’t know the video was from the filming of The Matrix 4 and just had to go on this alone, you might guess that this was from a zombie movie like World War Z the way the people jump all over the cars.

Obviously zombies aren’t a part of The Matrix mythos, but werewolves and ghosts and such were introduced in the sequel films as exile programs from older versions of the Matrix. So perhaps these are zombies in a fashion. It could also be an instance of the sentinels chasing after the protagonists and now being able to enter multiple pieces of software (i.e. humans) at the same time.

That’s the thing, we know so little about The Matrix 4’s story, that’s it’s difficult to even guess at what this scene is or how it fits in. We don’t know who is driving the cars, what they are doing in this location, and why and by whom they are being attacked. I do get the sense though that this could come at either the beginning or end of a car chase and on that front expectations will be high.

Although the original The Matrix did not have car chases, it’s sequel, The Matrix Reloaded did. Whatever story faults that film had, it was not lacking in the action department, particularly when it comes to car chases. The epic freeway chase scene stands as one of cinema’s best and we can only hope that The Matrix 4 can attempt to match it.

The Matrix 4 might be filming in full view of the public in the middle of the street, but for now, we have far more questions than answers.

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Nick Evans

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