Knives Out Fans Have Flooded Marta’s E-Mail, And Rian Johnson Approves

Ana de Armas in Knives Out

People who watch movies are kinda silly. For decades movies have used the telephone prefix 555, which for a long time wasn't actually used by anybody (though today several 555 numbers are actually in use) because actual people had a tendency to try calling fictional phone numbers to see who might pick up. It seems, in a modern age, this practice has now extended to email address, as Knives Out director Rian Johnson can now attest.

In Knives Out, the personal e-mail address of Ana de Armas' Marta is shown on screen, and, as it turns out, the email address is real. The producers of Knives Out created the address for Marta, and a lot of viewers of the film apparently picked up on it, as Rian Johnson recently revealed that over 200 people have sent Marta an e-mail.

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The email address has apparently been more or less ignored since Knives Out was released in November, but one of the film's producers recently thought to check it, and discovered the flood of e-mail that had been sent. Interestingly, based on the screenshot in Rian Johnson's tweet, some are writing e-mails to Marta in character, others seem to know they're likely writing to somebody who worked on the movie and are congratulating them on making a great film.

The dates in the screenshot would indicate that email started coming in almost as soon as the movie came out. Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin even responds to Rian Johnson's tweet suggesting that many of them likely pirated the movie in order to be able to get the email address in the first place. It's certainly possible that some did, though it's also possible that many had great eyes and memories, or saw the movie several times in order to pick up the address.

It's also possible that a large majority of the 200 e-mail that have been received have come in the last couple of weeks. Knives Out got it's Digital release on February 7 and hit physical disc on February 25, so for the last month people have had the ability grab the email address through normal means.

It is a bit silly to see so many people sending e-mails to a fictional character, but then again, it shows how many people really loved Knives Out. You can be sure every single one of the people who sent one of these e-mails, minus the possible trolls, is thrilled that there's already a sequel on the way. The first movie was something of a surprise when it came to just how successful it became. Suddenly, theoretical conversations about seeing Daniel Craig reprise his role in a franchise of mystery stories became actual conversations and before the movie was out of theaters, because it's actually still in theaters, the sequel was given the green light.

If you want to send Marta an e-mail, you can watch Knives Out on Blu-ray to get the address now.

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