Chris Evans' Knives Out Sweater Has Found Baby Yoda

Chris Evans wearing a comfy sweater in Knives Out

You never know for sure what elements in movies and TV shows are going to take pop culture by storm. Some, like Baby Yoda in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian are completely predictable (after his reveal of course), while others like Chris Evans’ sweater in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out came as a huge surprise. Well, I hope you like when great things mash-up with other great things, because Chris Evans’ Knives Out sweater has found Baby Yoda. Take a look:

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Well this is positively delightful. You may know BossLogic as the artist who imagines actors in superhero roles and makes ultra-cool and badass posters for movies and mixed martial arts fights, but here he proves that he can do cute too. Little Baby Yoda, in all his wide-eyed and big-eared splendor looks as adorable as ever in Chris Evans’ much-discussed sweater that he wears in Knives Out.

It’s a great look for Baby Yoda and the warm sweater has got to be more comfortable than that oversized sack he’s stuck waddling around with in The Mandalorian as Mando continually puts his life in danger. If the #KnivesOutChallenge were a contest, Baby Yoda wins hands down, in addition to be the victor of all current and future contests of which he’s a part.

As BossLogic notes in his tweet, The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda and Chris Evans’ Knives Out sweater certainly have the cultural cachet to be this year’s hottest Christmas items. Alongside a set of Apple AirPods of course, which are always in high demand and Baby Yoda has in his giant ears here, presumably listening to John WilliamsStar Wars scores.

People seem to really love the Knives Out sweater, which I’ve seen dubbed a fisherman’s sweater, cable-knit sweater and an Irish Aran sweater, and the Knives Out challenge proves that people want to rock the Chris Evans look. And Christmastime is when sweater enthusiasm and adoption is at its highest. Lionsgate could really clean up if it started selling official Ransom Drysdale sweaters for the holiday season.

Likewise, The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda is kind of the be-all end-all in pop culture right now, dominating memes and our hearts. As a way to keep the 50-year-old tyke a secret, Disney delayed releasing merchandise featuring the mini Force user. Baby Yoda merch is finally on the way though featuring the character that easily trumps Porgs and Ewoks and BB-8 in terms of cuteness.

The demand will be high for Baby Yoda as we rapidly approach Christmas and just like he is the source of great conflict on The Mandalorian, I wouldn’t be surprised to see people in our galaxy getting into fights at stores over the last Baby Yoda.

It’s a shame that Knives Out and The Mandalorian are the products of two different companies, because a Baby Yoda wearing Chris Evans’ Knives Out sweater seems like a way to print even more money than Baby Yoda alone is already set to.

Knives Out is now playing and The Mandalorian debuts Episode Six releases on Disney+ on December 13. Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to keep track of all of next year’s biggest movies.

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