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3 Reasons To Revisit Black Panther On Disney+ Today

Nakia, T'Challa and Shuri in Black Panther
(Image credit: (Marvel))
(Image credit: (Marvel))

These days, it can feel like there’s so much to see on streaming services that there’s nothing to watch. And scrolling through Disney+ is such a shot of nostalgia that we just end up binging all of Ducktales, feeling like we’re five again and forgetting about the existence of time itself. But today, Marvel’s first Best Picture nominee Black Panther is finally available to stream on Disney+.

If you’re Team Netflix and doing a double take right now, that’s because the title just left the OG streaming service the day before. Black Panther has now taken its rightful place next to a hefty library of 11 other MCU movies, including Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange. In the film’s honor, here’s why you should click play on the 2018 record-breaking hit:

Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong'o and Florence Kasumba in Black Panther

(Image credit: (Marvel))

The Hype May Have Settled Down, But It’s Still Among Marvel’s Best

There was a time when we couldn’t quit talking about Black Panther. It became a cultural phenomenon and top box office earner in the early months of 2018 before carrying over its buzz to Oscar season, when at one time, we thought it might have a shot at taking home the top prize for Best Picture. It was an especially exciting time for Marvel and the MCU, but there was a point when the name became bigger than the movie itself.

Now that two years have passed since Black Panther’s release, it’s time to check it out with a fresh perspective on it all. Hype can affect a movie-watching experience one of two ways: it can either make you appreciate it more or bring your expectations way up. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Black Panther, it’s time to see if your opinion has changed. It’s certainly top-tier Marvel and Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger is among the best MCU villains.

Black Panther suit in 2018 film

(Image credit: (Marvel))

Black Panther’s Soundtrack Is Beyond Epic

Even a couple years later, Black Panther’s soundtrack stands out as having one of the best collections of music in recent memory. Ludwig Göransson’s Oscar-winning score simply slaps. Its sweeping sounds will energize your day or night as the movie introduces the audience to Wakanda and immerses viewers in awesome action sequences, such as the car chase in Busan and massive battle at the end.

Kendrick Lamar also curated the soundtrack as well, bringing together hit tunes such as “All The Stars” and “Pray For Me” – which is unfortunately going through a lawsuit. So even if you’re looking for a film to have on in the background as you get some stuff done around the house, Black Panther’s soundtrack could be the perfect accompaniment in your search for motivation. No promises you won’t find yourself glued to the screen anyway.

Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther

(Image credit: (Marvel))

Start Getting Pumped For The Next Phase For The MCU

And then there’s the fact that we’re having major MCU withdrawals since Phase Three ended last summer. It’s been eight months since the studio released a new movie. And considering that in 2018, there was a time when one was released every few months, that’s kind of insane. Black Panther was a pivotal entry in the MCU that the studio will certainly be looked to draw from when Phase Four comes along.

While the next few Marvel movies or shows might not connect to Wakanda, I’d imagine films coming up such The Eternals or Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be somewhat inspired by the 2018 Best Picture nominee. Black Panther II is in the works, with Ryan Coogler back onboard to write and direct. The movie is set to come to theaters on May 6, 2022 during Phase Five. That’s a while from now, but as we’ve learned you never know when a Marvel character will pop up unexpectedly.

Check out Black Panther on Disney+ now.

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