10 Terrifying Monster Movies To Stream Or Rent Online


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Monster movies. Next to horror and Marvel flicks, monster movies are probably my favorite genre of film. And with these trying times with the Coronavirus, there’s no better time to stream or rent the best monster movies available since you're probably stuck at home. But I’ll do you a favor. Sure, there are plenty of monster movies to rent online at Amazon, and I’ll leave links below of some of my favorites. But just like how Disney released Frozen 2 early as a little gift for all you people who can't leave your house, this list is going to be movies you can stream right now if you have a subscription to any of these services. You’re welcome!

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2017)

While yes, you could always just buy Godzilla: King of the Monsters on Amazon, I don’t really recommend it. As a huge Godzilla fan who’s seen every Godzilla movie from Toho and all three American releases, I can honestly say that America still hasn’t gotten Godzilla right yet. But that’s okay, since you can always watch this awesome anime on Netflix, in which Godzilla is actually scary again.

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is actually the first part of a trilogy that also includes Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, which features Mechagodzilla, and Godzilla: The Planet Eater, which features a weird version of King Ghidorah. My favorite is the first one though because of the awesome Godzilla battle at the end where he looks bigger and deadlier than ever before. These movies can be a little slow, but the pay-off at the end is always worth it.

Where to stream: Netflix

Where to rent online: N/A


Cloverfield (2008)

I mentioned in the last entry that I don’t think America has gotten Godzilla right yet in its three attempts, and I stand by that statement. Either Godzilla is not like Godzilla at all (the abysmal 1998 movie with Matthew Broderick), or they make Godzilla sappy (the 2012 version) or it’s just plain boring (King of the Monsters). But Cloverfield, which is probably the best, most ambitious found footage movie of all time, is everything that an American Godzilla movie should have been--Raw, terrifying, and ground-level.

What makes Cloverfield work is that the monster is always a constant threat to the protagonists. Being that the film is presented from a handheld camera (which may actually make you sick since it's constantly shaking), you really get a sense that the city is being attacked by a giant freaking monster. Shin Godzilla handled this really well, and I get a sense that Cloverfield may have inspired that movie. Maybe, maybe not, but Cloverfield is amazing either way.

Where To Stream: Netflix

Where To Rent Online: Amazon


Okja (2017)

Okja may be a weird choice since it’s not really “terrifying”. But when it comes to the quality of films on this list, Okja is probably the best and most compelling. The story concerns a girl and her “super pig”. It’s mostly a film about animal cruelty. But it’s a funny film, too, which makes sense since it’s the movie that director, Bong-Joon ho, made before he went on to direct the Best picture winning, Parasite, which is also pretty funny when it's not being scary.

Okja as a creature is actually kind of cute, and the scenes where it’s in actual peril are distressing because of this fact. This is the kind of movie where the people are the monsters, and the animals are the ones you care about. Again, it may not be terrifying, but if you like “monster” movies, then you might enjoy Okja.

Where To Stream: Netflix

Where To Rent Online: N/A


Tremors (1990)

All of the Tremors movies are on Netflix, but I really only recommend the first one. The story is about a town in Nevada called Perfection that is attacked by sandworm-like creatures called Graboids. More a comedy than a straight-up horror movie, the Graboids are pretty scary once they start shooting out the ground and attacking.

Kevin Bacon is in the first one, and he’s the best part about the movie, which clocks in at a brisk 96 minutes. “Can you fly, you sucker? Can you fly?”

Where To Stream: Netflix

Where To Rent Online: Amazon

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot (2018)

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot is one of those titles that reveals the entire plot like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. All the same, while the real monsters are human again like in Okja (this time, there are Nazis early on in the film), the Bigfoot is actually in the movie, and (spoiler alert) Sam Elliot kills it.

There’s a story about a terrible virus (not Corona) that originates with Bigfoot, but you’d be surprised that the movie isn't nearly as silly as the title makes it sound. It’s actually pretty character-heavy, and Sam Elliot carries the whole thing through like a boss. I have a feeling that you’ll either love the movie like I did, or you’ll hate it. Either way, I think that it’s still worth a watch.

Where To Stream: Hulu

Where To Rent Online: Amazon


Colossal (2016)

Colossal is the kind of film that was destined to become a cult classic as soon as it hit the theaters. Somehow --I won't tell you how-- Anne Hathaway’s character turns into a giant monster in Seoul, South Korea when she walks around in a playground at a certain hour of the day. Seriously.

But the film is a lot more meditative than it seems, and there’s even a story tucked away in here about female empowerment. Jason Sudeikis is also in the film as an important character who I won’t spoil, but if you love giant monster movies, then you’re bound to fall in love with this movie as well.

Where To Stream: Hulu

Where To Rent Online: Amazon

I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants (2017)

Based on an Image comic book series, I Kill Giants is not for everybody. You kind of have to be in the right headspace for all the high school drama, and a lot of it feels decidedly young adult. But if you can get past all that, there’s an emotional story in here that is both interesting and thought-provoking. It also features some giant monsters that kind of remind me of the video game, Shadow of the Colossus, which is always a plus.

Zoe Saldana makes an appearance as a school psychologist, and Madison Wolfe is convincing as a teenager who believes (and sees) giants. Give this one a look if you’re interested in something different.

Where To Stream: Hulu

Where To Rent Online: Amazon

Gamera the Invincible

Gammera The Invincible (1965)

I know. You love Godzilla. But have you given Gamera a try yet? Known as Gammera The Invincible in America, and Gamera, the Giant Monster in Japan, the first movie is decidedly less silly than some of the subsequent color releases. But it’s still a pretty good film all the same for an origin story.

Gamera is different from Godzilla since he’s much scrappier. He can also fly by tucking into his shell and shooting out fire, which surprises some scientists who knock him on his back and think they've won since they believe a turtle can't get back on its feet once it's on its shell. Gamera may not be the king of all monsters, but he doesn’t have to be. He’s still strong. Plus, he’s for the children. “You are strong, Gamera. You are strong, Gamera. You are strong, Gam-er-a!”

Where To Stream: Amazon

Where To Rent Online: N/A

47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down (2017)

You want Jaws but you don’t want to have to pay to rent it? Might I suggest 47 Meters Down? I mean, it’s not as good as Jaws (but really, what is?), but it’s still pretty good. The story concerns two sisters (one of them is played by Mandy Moore) who are going in a cage dive. But uh oh, something goes wrong and they’re trapped inside the cage while great white sharks are circling them. They’re sitting ducks out there!

Silly plot aside, there’s a lot of tension in the movie since oxygen is running out for the sisters, and there are even a few scares.

Where To Stream: Netflix

Where To Rent Online: Amazon

The Monster

The Monster (2016)

And finally, I thought I would end on a film that is literally called The Monster. This film is impressive in what it has to work with. The story is simple. An alcoholic mother is driving her daughter to her father’s house, but then they hit a wolf. But the wolf looks a lot more messed up than if it was just hit by a car. And that’s when the hunt begins as the real monster stalks the mother and daughter throughout the rest of the movie.

The pacing is effective, and the monster is distinct and scary. The movie especially creeps me out since it reminds me of all the stories I used to read growing up about the Jersey Devil. The movie certainly has that urban legend vibe to it.

Where To Stream: Netflix

Where To Rent Online: Amazon

And that’s the list. Sure, I could have gone with all kaiju films or slasher movies with your Jason Voorhees and your Freddy Kruegers, but I figured you’ve probably seen most of those already so I went with some stuff that's a little bit more obscure. But what are some of your favorite monster movies? Sound off in the comments section below.

And if that's not enough, and you're looking for more monster movies you can rent on Amazon Prime right now, I recommend Kong: Skull Island, Mothra, Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla (unbelievably, you can't rent most of the other Godzilla movies on Amazon, including the 1954 original), Jaws, Frankenstein, The Babadook, and The Grudge.

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