Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’s Jake Johnson Is Doing Something Awesome For Quarantined Young Fans

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Unless you're a professional entertainment writer who's used to working from home and rarely leaving the house, this whole self-isolation thing can be a little tough to get used to. (Honestly, even if you are, it's no picnic) Whether you're working from home from the first time, stuck in the house while not working, and/or trying to deal with kids who are home from school with nothing to do, it can all be a bit overwhelming for everybody. Luckily, Jake Johnson of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is trying to help make the experience a bit less painful.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was already an incredibly popular film but with the movie being available on Netflix and everybody stuck inside, it seems that many fans have been watching it, and Jake Johnston, who plays Peter B. Parker in the film, has been receiving a lot of positive comments about the film. He now wants to help parents and their kids stuck at home, and so he's offering to record a voice message as Peter B. Parker to be sent to kids who could use a bit of encouragement in these trying times. Check out his post to Instagram below.

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A number of celebrities have tried to use the powers of social media for good during this complicated period. Josh Gad has been reading bedtime stories. Others are posting clips of them dancing, singing, or cooking, normal things that might help us all feel normal during a period where literally nothing is normal.

For kids, things are potentially that much more strange. Younger ones won't necessarily understand what's going on, but will be aware that something is wrong. Those slightly older will understand just enough to be worried, which could potentially be even worse. This whole thing has potentially shaken a lot of adults, so the kids could probably use some comfort. Parents can certainly do that, but sometimes, you need a superhero, and so a comforting word from Spider-Man could make all the difference.

It's great that Jake Johnson is putting this option out there, he is likely to get a lot of interested parties. He'll likely get more than he can handle unless he spends most of his days recording clips. But then again, he's probably not doing a lot else right now, with most movie and television production shut down, so maybe he really will be spending his days recording audio clips. There's worse ways to spend one's time.

With great power comes great responsibility and it's nice to see that responsibility being handled so well. While social media and the connection that we all have to everybody, even celebrities, is often something of a mess, there's some real value to it at times like this and it's great to see these powers being used for good.

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