Frozen II’s Josh Gad Finally Found Samantha At Walt Disney World

Olaf looking for Samantha in Frozen II

The following contains a minor spoiler for Frozen II**.**

Frozen II has a number of great and memorable moments, but the one that might end up being the most quotable in the months, and maybe years to come, may be a single word spoken by Olaf the Snowman.


During a sequence in the new film where Olaf gets separated from his friends. He calls out for each of them in turn. But then goes one step further in calling out for somebody named Samantha. The punchline comes a moment later when Olaf himself laughs about the fact that he doesn't actually know anybody by that name.

And then he does it again.

We had no idea who Samantha was, but now it seems we do, as Josh Gad was at Walt Disney World yesterday, and he informed everybody on Instagram he had finally tracked down Samantha.

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As proof he found Samantha, we see the name badge for the Walt Disney World cast member named Samantha. It looks like becoming the Samantha has totally made her day.

Josh Gad has been at the theme park this week, and recently test rode the Rise of the Resistance attraction at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. He also made a surprise appearance during the Frozen Sing-A-Long show at Disney's Hollywood Studios, where he performed his song from the first Frozen live.

Frozen II may not be getting quite as much love as the original, but it's still largely viewed as a good movie, and for the second time, the sidekick snowman is one of the best parts of the movie. Olaf has grown up in the a bit in the new movie. If Olaf was a toddler in Frozen, he's a grade school child in Frozen II. He's learned to read, and he is confident that, while there's a lot about the world he doesn't understand, it will all makes sense as grows up.

The best part about the whole "Samantha" gag is that Josh Gad has revealed the sequence was an improv bit from him while doing his recording that everybody apparently liked so much they decided to use it in the film. One wonders how many different takes of various Olaf scenes there might be from the two films if Gad was really given the freedom to make the lines his own. Those are some Disney+ extras I'd love to see.

Frozen II is getting the love at the box office that we all expected it would. The film has surpassed $745 million in global box office. It seems virtually guaranteed to pass the $1 billion mark. If it does it will become the sixth Disney movie to do so this year alone.

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