After Posting Delightful Coronavirus Warnings, Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Personally Donated $1 Million To The Relief

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Dark Fate

Like so many people, Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking the strong recommendation to social distance/quarantine from others as the coronavirus is spreading quite seriously. Doing so will help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Schwarzenegger has been using social media to urge others to follow that course of action

Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken his fight against the coronavirus to the next level by putting his money to good use, as the Terminator star has donated $1 million to a GoFundMe campaign called Frontline Responders Fund. This campaign working to get critical supplies like surgical masks, surgical gowns, gloves and other crucial supplies to doctors, nurses and hospital staff who are combating this pandemic.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger’s generosity was highlighted on social media, here’s what the ex-governor of California had to say:

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In these strange times, such a large donation is surely a huge help for those who have to deal with the coronavirus on a regular basis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is all too willing to provide financial aid. As you can see in the tweet that Schwarzenegger quote-tweeted, he isn’t the only actor who’s contributing funds to this charitable cause, with Edward Norton also pitching in as an organizer for the Frontline Responders Fund, among others.

At the time of this writing, this GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $3.5 million from nearly 1,300 donors, and is aiming to collect $10 million. As one would imagine, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement is drawing a lot of attention to the fund, and if you’re able to donate a little bit to it, then by all means, follow in the ex-governor of California’s footsteps.

Donating a million dollars is just one of the ways Arnold Schwarzenegger’s been passing the time while staying home. Last week, he shared a video of himself feeding a miniature pony and donkey, and several days later, he delivered a social distancing PSA from his hot tub while smoking a stogie. That’s not to say he’s been staying at home 24/7 though; Schwarzenegger has been going on bike rides, but only because it’s one of the few outdoor activities that health professionals have approved.

Still, unless you’re looking to get a little exercise or absolutely need to replenish certain supplies, the health community and government has been urging folks to stay inside. World War Z author Max Brooks also recently promoted social distancing with his father, Mel Brooks, specifically focusing on keeping people aged 65 and above safe, an age bracket that the elder Brooks and Arnold Schwarzenegger fall into and puts them more at risk to catch the coronavirus.

As far as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent cinematic work is concerned, last year, donned the T-800 mantle again in Terminator: Dark Fate. This particular T-800 killed John Connor in 1998 and spent the next two decades living as a normal life as “Carl,” a drapery salesman. However, when Sarah Connor, Dani Ramirez and Grace came calling on him in 2020, he left that life behind and ultimately sacrificed himself to help defeat the Rev-9 that was targeting Dani.

With Terminator: Dark Fate underwhelming at the box office, for now at least, there aren’t any Terminator sequel plans, meaning that as is the case with Linda Hamilton, Dark Fate could serve as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator swan song. Looking to the future, he’s starring as The President in Kung Fury 2, and he’s also still interested in re-teaming with Danny DeVito for a Twins sequel, a.k.a. Triplets.

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