Arnold Schwarzenegger's Quarantine Update Is Fun And Includes Fuzzy Livestock In His Home

Terminator: Dark Fate Carl in the cargo hold of a plane

If you were to awaken from a temporary coma, much like Cillian Murphy did in the Danny Boyle/Alex Garland film 28 Days Later, you’d probably be surprised by the huge topic dominating the airwaves: the COVID-19 pandemic. However, unlike that harrowing account of a zombie-ish apocalypse, you’d be waking up to the phase where the infection can be prevented, and you’d have the following video of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a pair of fuzzy livestock mascots, helping you keep safe.

What we’re trying to say is, you’re in good hands, welcome back to the world, and watch this video of Arnold feeding carrots to a mini pony and a donkey:

In the wake of California’s curfew and restrictions involving social situations, the former governor/Terminator: Dark Fate star has taken to Twitter to show the world that you can still have fun indoors. Though it definitely helps if you’ve got a mini pony like Whiskey and a donkey like Lulu to help pass the time.

Much like the PSA that Max Brooks and his father Mel recently released, Arnold Schwarzenegger is urging folks to stay home as much as they can, and to practice social distancing. Especially in the case of people 65 years of age and older, as Schwarzenegger pointed out that this particular age bracket is an at risk demographic for COVID-19 infections.

If you’re an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, chances are you’re as much of an exercise fanatic as he is. And if you’re stressing out over what you should be doing to keep fit, then the man who would be King Conan has you covered!

Dropping another video through his Twitter feed, Schwarzenegger has now promised that he’ll be sharing a series of updates showing exercises that maintain social distancing, but allow for outdoor activity. Check out the first post from that series, below:

Leave it to the man who’s played some of the most iconic killing machines and one man armies in film to help people learn how they should protect themselves during the coronavirus crisis. It’s a level of irony that mirrors one of his most iconic performances ever, as the heroic T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. And much like he warned Sarah and John Connor in the future’s past, we should probably listen to him if we want to live.

Naturally, you’re probably in the mood for some Arnold Schwarzenegger streaming content about now. In which case, we’d like to remind you that Terminator: Dark Fate is currently available for digital and physical rentals! Also, if you’re a classic Arnold fan, The Running Man is available through Starz’s streaming apparatus.

Finally, should you still be hung up on the whole 28 Days Later analogy, that particular film is currently streaming on Hulu, with 28 Weeks Later available for digital rental through most major platforms.

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