Arnold Schwarzenegger Posted Another Coronavirus Warning Video, This Time From The Hot Tub

Arnold Schwarznegger in Terminator: Dark Fate
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When Arnold Schwarznegger says “I’ll be back”, he takes it seriously. And that goes for pesky pandemics too. The 72-year-old Terminator star is in the especially high-risk demographic for the spreading COVID-19, so he’s staying home. And as health professionals and the government have echoed, everyone should be practicing social distancing right now too. Check out this PSA from Schwarznegger:

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Looks like he’s making the best of things. The actor and former California governor can be seen wearing a Sheriff hat and smoking a “stogie” as he has a serious talk with the public – especially spring breakers. (So that means you, Vanessa Hudgens!) The actor sent out a loud and clear message asking folks to stay at home. As he explains, he’s still seeing people going out to restaurants, drinking at beaches and hanging out with crowds.

Arnold Schwarznegger has been using his Twitter to send out these messages for a few days now. This one is especially notable because he quotes his 1996 film Jingle All The Way by ending the message with “Put that cookie down!” Baking at home is totally okay though.

The Terminator: Dark Fate star says he’s been passing the time by working out in his home gym and taking bike rides around. Taking a walk or bike ride is one of the few outside activities health professionals are approving people to do – especially the elderly who are supposed to completely stay home. Check out Arnold’s bicycle message:

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Now, not all of us have home gyms or the luxury of staying completely home, but he means well. The actor is showing people that your self quarantine doesn’t have to be miserable or horror movie-esque. Like many of us, the actor is spending extra time with his pets. Apparently he has a dog named Cherry, a donkey named Lulu and a mini pony called Whiskey. Check out the actor take to social media with them here too:

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Arnold Schwarznegger certainly isn’t the only celebrity getting serious about slowing the coronavirus spread. Mel Brooks and his son recently shared their own funny and informative PSA on social media. And a handful of actors who have tested positive for the virus are using their platforms to inform the public. Such as Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson who are in isolation in Australia and quoting A League Of Their Own. Cats’ own Idris Elba has also tested positive for COVID-19.

It’s not too bad to stay home if you can. There’s plenty of movie studios releasing their big movies early on VOD such as The Invisible Man, Birds of Prey and Bloodshot. Stay tuned on CinemaBlend for more updates on how the entertainment industry is handling this global pandemic.

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