Zack Snyder Dropped A Killer Justice League Tease At The End Of His Batman V Superman Live Stream

Justice League

Would you like to know one sure-fire way to break the Internet? If you are Zack Snyder, you can begin to tease your version of Justice League, following a three-hour live stream of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That’s precisely what Snyder did on Sunday as he brought his live director’s commentary for BvS to a close, causing hundreds of people on the Vero social media app to refresh like lunatics, fearing that our streams had cut out.

Here, exactly, is how Zack Snyder teased his fan base at the conclusion of the successful event:

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On Sunday, in celebration of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice turning four, Zack Snyder hosted a director’s commentary of the film on Vero. Fans watched the movie with him, as Snyder took people through this production cycle. With his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Snyder concluded the broadcast by pointing at the screen and taking about how they should make a sequel to this particular film.

Of course, Snyder DID make a sequel to that film. His version of Justice League never saw the light of day, as Snyder stepped away from the movie following a family tragedy, and Joss Whedon was hired to replace him (and ended up reshooting way too much of the film). And ever since those days, Snyder’s fans have been fighting hard online to get Warner Bros. to release his version of the film.

It was a very calculated way for Zack Snyder to end his video. He had to know that fans were waiting for the end of the movie to see how the director would send it off. Some were even speculating that he might SHOW a scene from his Snyder Cut. Instead, he cut off, forcing fans to do this:

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But the beautiful thing about the stream on Sunday was that it celebrated the collective nature of the Release the Snyder Cut movement – a true family that spends each day raising awareness for the director’s version of the film. And while we didn’t get to see the real Justice League, we did get to hear the director’s thoughts on his movie that was supposed to feed into JL. He left a few plot threads that would have set up his Justice League, including Flash’s time travel, and the fact that Superman’s death scream woke up the Motherboxes that would attract Steppenwolf.

Yeah, it was a major, major day.

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