Johnny Depp Explains How Finger Was Severed In Graphic Amber Heard Deposition

Johnny Depp sticking his arms out as Captain Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s ugly divorce has devolved into lawsuits. New bits of information are being leaked on what feels like a weekly basis. The latest is a video deposition Depp reportedly gave back in 2018. In it, the actor explains how he almost lost his finger. His version of the story, which differs from hers, is very graphic.

The recording emerged courtesy of The Daily Mail. It features Johnny Depp recounting his perspective on the incident, which involves Amber Heard throwing multiple bottles of vodka and his finger bleeding out like Mt. Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD. Here’s a portion of his quote below..

I had to protect her at the time so I said it was caught in the door… That wasn’t the case at all. She threw a vodka bottle at me. My hand was resting on the marble of the bar… The first bottle went just past my ear. The second one was a larger bottle, and it smashed into the bar… The tip of the finger was severed. All the bone was completely shattered. It looked like Vesuvius. I got infections. I ended up with MRSA twice.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s break-up has been a long series of ugly accusations and wild rumors. How exactly Johnny Depp’s finger came to be severed is just another in a long series of explosive questions we don’t have definitive answers for. What does seem clear, however, is that the relationship was unhealthy and volatile for both parties. In the time since the split, they’ve accused each other of everything from drinking problems to affairs to physical violence.

The two first separated all the way back in 2016 (for a full timeline, head here). The divorce was finalized in early 2017, but after she wrote an editorial detailing alleged abuse she’d gone through (without mentioning Depp by name), he fired back with a lawsuit against her. The chatter of the case has gotten progressively louder over the past few months, and fans on both sides have become increasingly vocal about what they think happened.

Various documents have been leaked. Celebrities have been pulled into the mix. Recorded therapy sessions have emerged, and now we have this deposition tape. Clearly, it has become a battle over public opinion every bit as much as a battle over money. That makes some sense given they are actors who need people to go see their movies, but at this point, it’s hard to imagine they both wouldn’t have been better served by trying to rehabilitate their images in other ways that didn’t involve lawyers.

We’ll keep you updated on the specifics of the case as they continue coming out. If recent history is any indication, this almost certainly won’t be the last twist or turn in this ongoing and frankly, upsetting saga.

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