Parasite Is Breaking Streaming Records On Hulu

Records are made to be broken, and when a movie like Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite happens to break one of those high water marks, it feels like cinema is vindicated. After a whirlwind awards season that wound up seeing the film net Best International Film, as well as Best Picture, at this year’s Academy Awards, the dark comedy has a new accolade to call its own: it’s the #1 film to have ever streamed on Hulu in the realms of independent and international cinema.

The announcement was made today on the official Hulu Twitter feed with a short, but sweet message that included a choice GIF for effect:

This news comes just a week after Parasite made its streaming debut on Hulu; news that was hotly anticipated once it dropped earlier this year. What's more, this digital newcomer is the second most watched film in Hulu's history! With a Criterion edition home video release acting as the next honor for Bong Joon-ho’s award winning tale of class warfare and long cons, it’s another piece of good news that’s capped off a year of wins.

Part of the boost to Parasite’s streaming audience undoubtedly,comes from the recent period of isolation that viewers around the world have been experiencing. But even if things were running business as usual, one could assume that the constant buzz for the film stretching back to last fall would have pushed the title into the good fortunes that it’s currently experiencing.

As such, not everyone has obviously enjoyed what they’ve seen with Hulu’s latest big ticket title. There has been a contingent of movie fans that have taken to the internet to voice their dissatisfaction with Parasite, but even the official response from the streaming giant has been severely entertaining. So much so that one could assume this would be the perfect bonus feature to any future viewing of the film.

Parasite’s recent hit-maker status on Hulu is more than an encouraging sign for HBO’s currently in-development limited series based on the Bong Joon-ho film. With more audiences getting their taste of the escalating events between The Kims and The Parks, it’s a peachy situation that could translate to additional viewers jumping on board with the small screen reimagining of this breakout hit in the near future.

Parasite is currently available for rental on Digital HD, as well as home video, along with being included with a Hulu subscription. No matter how you enjoy it, there are options to catch up with this history-making film, as we all have some extra time on our hands to take in a good movie or six. You can also be sure we here at CinemaBlend will let you know if Parasite ends up breaking any other noteworthy records.

Mike Reyes
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