Ryan Reynolds Announces (Temporary) End To His Feud With Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool with Hugh Jackman mask
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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are a couple of the nicest guys in Hollywood. But the two stars from Fox’s former X-Men franchise just cannot seem to get along. The actors have been feuding back and forth on social media for years now, though now they have decided to briefly throw down their swords (er… and claws) for a noble cause. Check it out:

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It’s another hilariously-produced video from the likes of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds to promote their temporary ceasefire to be part of their All In Challenge. The pair are teaming up to raise money for multiple charities benefiting those affected by the current pandemic, including first responders, children and the elderly. If fans donate through their sweepstakes, they could win a chance to have Reynolds and Jackman come to their home to set up a lemonade stand with their kids.

The announcement starts with quick title cards that says “Inspired by Wolverine: Origins” to culminate that time they were in the same movie and gives proper credit to their wives, Blake Lively and Deb Jackson, before the two go into some nonsense backstory about the feud. They say the feud between them has outlasted their own lives as a B&W Old West picture of Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine posing with guns in the air.

The two point to the fact that they each have beverage companies, which has been the subject of their feud before. Hugh Jackman owns a coffee company called Laughing Man, and Ryan Reynolds is behind Aviation Gin. Remember this? Classic.

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The two reignite some of the heat between them as the Wolverine actor calls gin for “the weak” and Reynolds fires back by saying coffee is for “sleepy people.” You can tell the two are really trying here, but it’s a bit of a struggle. As Reynolds says that “only a pandemic could make that happen.” They are going to help sell lemonade together instead of their “competing” companies.

All of the proceeds raised for the contest will be going directly to Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry, and the money raised at the lemonade stand itself will benefit first responders. There will only be one winner, who will be exclusively visited by Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds for two hours. The sweepstakes details that prize delivery time will be “mutually agreed upon and determined at a later date when it is safe to do so.”

The pair’s All In Challenge started on Monday and will continue until Friday, May 8. Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively have already donated $1 million to benefit Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Seeing the pair hold a lemonade stand seems like its going to be a Marvel team up we don’t want to miss.

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