Ryan Reynolds Continues 'Feud' With Hugh Jackman, But It's For A Good Cause

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy and Hugh Jackman in Logan side by side

Even with the world thrown into disarray, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some things that are never going to change. The sun will still rise, birds are still flying, and Ryan Reynolds still has a "feud" of comedic proportions with Hugh Jackman. The Deadpool actor reminded the world of this fact recently, but as you’ll see, it was for a good and noble cause.

Ryan Reynolds’ latest sneaky gag comes as part of a recent social media post detailing a charitable effort that he is about to undertake in the wake COVID-19 and the stressors some are facing due to its economic impact. Take a look.

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This round of the Reynolds/Jackman feud saw the rowdy Canadian giving out the fake number "1-555-[Crying Emoji]-Hugh" as the hotline to call Hugh Jackman directly during this global crisis. Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to wedge in just a little bit of a burn towards Hugh Jackman, as a feud as legendary as theirs could never stay dormant for too long, no matter how good-natured it actually is.

We should have never expected that temporary truce those two enacted to last, as the living equivalent of the Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck rivalry have continued to poke jabs at each other on a somewhat frequent and always-entertaining basis. Though this most recent volley counts as a double play for Team Reynolds, as Ryan Reynalds recently snarked Hugh Jackman for the third anniversary of the Fox comic blockbuster Logan. So, fingers crossed there's some much needed payback coming from Team Jackman in the coming weeks.

While Ryan Reynolds couldn’t resist giving out a fake phone number for Hugh Jackman, who he implies is one of those who is “isolated and might need connection," the real star of this Instagram post are charities Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

Ryan Reynolds and his wife, The Rhythm Section star Blake Lively, will be splitting a donation of $1 million between those two organizations. With those charities focusing on families in need, as well as the community of the elderly, their efforts are crucial to helping some of the most vulnerable citizens in the U.S. and Canada make it through everyday life, much less this trying coronavirus crisis.

Despite his carefully cultivated image of a gin entrepreneur and smart-assed film star, Ryan Reynolds has always been known as someone to take time out for his fans in need. During the promotion of Deadpool, Reynolds used his clout to befriend a young cancer patient, the late Connor McGrath, which led to the two becoming good friends and an early pre-release showing of the original Deadpool film for Connor.

So this new effort to give Food Banks Canada and Feeding America some much needed funding are no surprise, just like the sparkling ball of laughter-inducing “hatred” that Ryan Reynolds feels for Hugh Jackman. While the customary retaliation one would expect from Jackman hasn’t arrived yet, we do have another post from Blake Lively that’s equally sweet and snarky, aimed squarely at those very same charitable concerns, and her husband:

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Ever the shining example of the family that jokes together stays together, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have turned their talents toward the force of good, and with a couple of jokes at other peoples' expenses, they’ve made a difference. So if they made you laugh today, it could be a good idea to thank them, and help others, by making your own donations to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

Also, if you’re looking to get a little more entertainment into your life during lockdown, The Rhythm Section will be available on Digital HD April 14th, with the Blu-ray and DVD release set for April 28th. Meanwhile, Free Guy is still on docket for a July 3rd debut, but that could be subject to change, so keep your eyes peeled.

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