Wow, Harry Potter Buses Are Helping Transport Health Workers In The U.K

Knight Bus

The world is in an absolutely bizarre time right now with much of the planet closed down in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus. Health care workers have become even more vital than they usually are, but with illness or self isolation impacting them as well, there simply aren't as many of them as we all need. In the U.K, this has resulted in health care workers needing to travel between hospitals on a regular basis and in order to help them get where they are needed, they're actually being driven by Harry Potter themed buses.

Usually, the Harry Potter buses are used at Leavesden Studios as part of a studio tour of the place where much of the filming of the Harry Potter franchise movies was done. However, since the tour is currently closed down, and the buses aren't being used, they're being put into service making regular rounds between three different medical facilities run by West Herts Hospitals Trust, so that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals can get where they're needed.

It's sort of a brilliant use of the buses that aren't being used otherwise. A bus on a regular schedule means the people using them will have a transportation option that is reliable and regularly scheduled, making it less likely there will be problems with them getting where they need to be. And since the buses are quite large, social distancing between the people using the buses will not be difficult.

And if there's anybody who needs to be treated like they're actual wizards right now, it's these people. They're doing magic of their own trying to keep everybody else safe and healthy. These people deserve chauffeured limos, but that's probably asking a little too much.

The Evening Standard reports the buses were donated by Warner Bros. and Golden Tours, who are happy to be able to do something to help. According to Golden Tours managing director Mikesh Palan...

The priorities of the nation have changed completely as people learn to enjoy days in and not days out. But for key workers, staying home is not an option and we're delighted to be able to help by providing a safe and reliable way to get to work and back.

This is a great example of companies, who might not be the first ones you think about supporting the medical effort, finding a way to provide that support. It also, more than likely, will keep a few bus drivers employed who might otherwise be out of a job until the studio tours resume, and as with most recreational locations like the studio tour, there's simply no indication when those tours will resume, or how in demand they will be once they do.

And the health care workers get to pretend like they're Harry Potter getting picked up by the Knight Bus every time they need a lift, which is pretty cool too.

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