Bullied Kid Named Corona Messaged Tom Hanks And His Toy Story Response Is An A+

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

Tom Hanks has a reputation for being one of the kindest people working in Hollywood. It's for that reason that so many people seemed to feel so terrible for him when he and wife Rita Wilson made their coronavirus diagnosis public. Luckily, they both got through the illness without significant complications, and now that they're healthy, Tom Hanks is back to doing what he does best, making the rest of us feel amazing.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were quarantined in Australia when they were diagnosed with coronavirus, because Hanks was scheduled to begin work on a new film there. They were on the Gold Coast of the island nation, and recently a Gold Coast native, 8-year-old Corona De Vries, wrote Tom Hanks. The boy revealed that, due to his name, he's being teased by other kids, because seriously kids are the worst, but much of the letter was simply focused on asking if Hanks and his wife were doing well.

Clearly, the sentiment touched the actor, as he wrote young Corona back. He complimented the kid's name and thanked him for the kind words. Then on top of getting a letter from Tom Hanks, which is pretty cool all by itself, the actor gifted the boy with the Smith-Corona typewriter on which he wrote the letter. In addition, he added a handwritten, Toy Story inspired, post script to the letter which read...

P.S. You've got a friend in me!

According to the letter, reprinted by Australia's 7 News, he asks Corona to write him back using the typewriter, after an adult has shown him how it works.

Tom Hanks had actually brought the typewriter in question with him to Australia, check it out in an Instagram post from a few weeks ago, and now he's sent it back.

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Hopefully the kid will get a lot of fun use out of the old typewriter. It's a beautiful machine and the sort of thing that could really inspire somebody to write a lot more.

Tom Hanks is back home following his bout with coronavirus. The actor was supposed to play Col. Tom Parker in a new Baz Luhrmann directed biopic of Elvis Presley. That production, like pretty much all others, is now on hold as social distancing and self-isolation protocols are in effect in Australia just like they are here. The film has even seen a minor delay in its release date, being pushed back from October to November of 2021, in order to make room for The Batman, which received an even more significant delay.

Perhaps when Tom Hanks is back in Australia to film the movie he and Corona can touch base in person. It's about hte only way the actor could be even more amazing than he already is.

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