Ryan Reynolds Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Making Fun Of Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

If he hasn't already made it quite clear, Ryan Reynolds isn't overly happy with the way things turned out for Martin Campbell's Green Lantern. Rather than launching a brand new superhero franchise and a brand new era for DC Comics movies, the film was trounced by critics, and wound up being a huge flop. The good news is that Reynolds' career has since recovered, largely thanks to the success of Deadpool and its sequel, but he will seemingly never be done roasting his 2011 would-be blockbuster.

The most recent episode has come as a result of Green Lantern being available for an extremely low price digitally. While acknowledging that the movie is available for less than a dollar, a fan of Ryan Reynolds' reached out to him on Twitter to ask if it was possibly worth revisiting just a couple of months prior to its nine year anniversary. Reynolds' response was blunt:

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That's right, folks: Ryan Reynolds doesn't even think that Green Lantern is worth the value of the spare change that you might find in your couch cushions. That's pretty damn harsh, but also, as noted above, very on brand.

Going back to the aforementioned Deadpool movies, Ryan Reynolds has used both blockbusters to take pot shots at the star's big swing-and-a-miss superhero epic. The first film has two, with a picture of the Emerald Knight featured in the opening credits, and then later when Wade Wilson is being prepped for "superhero school," with the patient delivering the epic line, "Please don't make the super suit green... or animated."

As for Deadpool 2, Green Lantern fans got a special treat in the end credits, with the titular Merc With The Mouth using a time travel device to go into the past and fix what previously went wrong. One of his stops includes a visit to Ryan Reynolds' house circa 2009, shortly after the actor has completed reading the script for the DC Comics film. Rather than let Reynolds make the mistake of starring in the disastrous project, DP instead opts to just shoot him in the head.

Of Ryan Reynolds' past projects, Green Lantern is the one that he beats up on the most, but it should be recognized that it's one of three legitimately bad comic book adaptations on his resume – the others being X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which he actually does hate on quite a bit) and Blade Trinity (which I think we all just want to forget exists). As terrible as it is, you'd think that Reynolds would at least have some kind of soft spot for his 2011 venture if not just because it was the project that introduced him to his current wife and mother of his children, Blake Lively.

Ryan Reynolds has voiced his opinion on the matter, but do you think that Green Lantern is worth revisiting? Answer our poll below, and hit the comments section with all of your thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

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