Vin Diesel Claims He’s ‘Mitigating A War’ Over Fast And Furious In Deleted Instagram Caption

Vin Diesel in F9

If everything had gone according to plan, we'd all be getting ready to see the newest Fast & Furious movie in theaters in only a few weeks. Unfortunately, the mass theater closures have resulted in the film being delayed, and not for only a few months like many projects, but nearly a full year as the film is now set to debut in April 2021.

However, if you thought the new movie was going to go quiet until then, you'd be wrong, as Vin Diesel made an Instagram post over the weekend that has a lot of people scratching their heads. The original post has been deleted, but on Sunday Diesel posted a fan-made F9 poster that included some less than kind comments for the Producers Guild of America. The now deleted text read...

Happy creative Sunday everyone… sorry I haven’t posted much lately, I have been trying to mitigate a war between Universal Studios and the P.G.A. Prejudice Guild of America.

The P.G.A. is the Producers Guild of America, the guild which handles all producers in Hollywood. Vin Diesel didn't explain what war he was trying to mitigate, and the comment was deleted, but clearly there's some sort of disagreement going on between Universal Studios and the guild which would seem to pertain to F9.

There are a number of credited producers on F9, including Vin Diesel himself, who has been a producer since he returned to lead the franchise with the fourth installment. Other credited producers include Neal H. Mortiz, who has produced every entry in the series, and director Justin Lin.

Whatever the reason for the initial post, Vin Diesel thought better of it. After deleting his original comments, he reposted the same image, but this time included a much more positive cation.

A photo posted by on

Clearly, Vin Diesel thought better of his angrier post, though that doesn't mean the issue, whatever in the world it is, isn't still a potential issue. It's likely a studio politics problem that won't impact the movie itself in any way, but it will certainly be interesting to see if any more details come out regarding what this dispute is all about. It could be something to do with who receives credit on F9 as a producer. It's possible there's some dispute between the studio and the P.G.A. regarding who should be listed as a producer on the film. The issue might surround Diesel's own credit or that of somebody else on the production.

With nearly a year until F9 is released, it's certainly possible we'll hear more about this before the film is released. F9 is now scheduled to hit theaters April 2, 2021.

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