Venom Sequel Fan Art Features Spider-Man Clawing His Way Out Of The Symbiote

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It's no secret that comic book movies are everywhere. Superhero flicks are the biggest box office draws in the movie industry, so plenty of studios have gotten in on the action with their own cinematic universe. Sony is no exception, as its newly named Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters was kickstarted with Ruben Fleischer's Venom. Fans are eager to see what director Andy Serkis has in store for the upcoming sequel, especially regarding if/when a crossover will happen with Tom Holland's Spider-Man. And epic new fan art imagines what Peter Parker would look like tearing himself out of the antihero symbiote.

Venom has had a long life in comics, but his story is primarily associated as an antagonist/occasional ally of Spider-Man. As such, moviegoers are eager to see Tom Hardy and Tom Holland interact on the big screen, likely in an upcoming Venom sequel. One fan imagined this meeting, and it's a pretty awesome sight. You can check it out below, and try not to be overcome with FOMO.

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I mean, who doesn't want to see that? The dynamic between Venom and Spider-Man is always a fascinating one, seen played out on the screen and page for years. But the above image uses Venom's visual language that was established in the first movie, resulting in a particularly striking image of the web slinger.

The above image comes to us from Boss Logic. The artist regularly uses his skill to render fan theories and casting into a reality, to impressive results. There's been plenty of talk about Spider-Man's eventual entrance into the Venom franchise, with even Tom Hardy contributing to the conversation by sharing fan art. Although Boss Logic's work is particularly striking, as it has narrative ties as well.

In the above image we see Spider-Man after having either fused or been eaten by the likes of Venom. It looks like he'd been wearing the iconic Symbiote suit from the Spider-Man comic book pages, which gave the Marvel hero some new abilities. But he might have gotten second thoughts, as you can see Spidey trying to physically rip the suit off, and separate from the symbiote entity.

In the original Venom movie, we saw how rare it was for symbiote to connect with a host without killing it. This is what made Eddie Brock such an exception, and allowed he and the title character to work together in tandem. Spider-Man has fused with Venom on the comic book pages before, although it's not always such an easy transition.

It should be interesting to see exactly what goes down when Spider-Man and Venom eventually do meet within the Sony Marvel universe. Tom Holland brought a sense youth and child-like wonder to his version of Peter Parker, something moviegoers instantly connected with. Meanwhile, Venom is a foul-mouthed alien entity with a penchant for eating people's faces off. So there's a clear juxtaposition which should make for a fascinating dynamic on screen.

Of course, there's no telling exactly when Tom Holland could appear within the Venom franchise. While Sony and Marvel's new joint custody ownership of Spider-Man, the plan for the future remains a mystery. But Spidey could seemingly appear in any movie that Sony deems fit, while also remaining part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As for the Venom franchise, the sequel Let There Be Carnage is currently in post-production. Luckily Andy Serkis' movie wrapped filming before film sets were shut down, so hopefully it'll arrive in theaters on time.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is currently expected to arrive in theaters on June 25th, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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