5 Questions We Still Have About The Fast And Furious Franchise

Vin Diesel in F9

Since first introduced in 2001, the Fast And Furious movies have transformed themselves from a moderately successful series of summer movies about street racing and small-time crime epic, globe-trotting adventures that regularly bring in more than $1 billion at the box office. But with the release of F9 being delayed for nearly a year, and unknown release date of Fast And Furious 10, the future of the franchise is anything but certain at this point.

Like a lot of you out there, I too have questions about the Fast And Furious franchise. Like, will the 10th installment really be the last time we see Dominic Toretto and crew going off on some ridiculously insane mission in a far-off country and how will the delay of F9 affect the rest of the franchise.

So, while we all wait another year to see F9 and the long-awaited debut of John Cena in the franchise, now's the perfect time to ponder all those questions we have about the Fast And Furious franchise.

Vin Diesel in Furious 7

Will Fast And Furious 10 Be The Final Movie In The Franchise?

The Fast And Furious franchise has always been one of those movie properties that never seems to run out of fuel. Whenever it seems like Dom and crew are just about out of ways to keep fans entertained, they up the ante. But it seems like the beloved series might be nearing its end (at least in terms of the main franchise) with the 10th entry in the franchise.

If it does end with Fast and Furious 10, it seems like there's a sentimental reason behind it.

While out promoting Bloodshot in early 2020, Vin Diesel sat down for an interview with USA Today where he recalled an interview he did with Paul Walker in 2013 shortly before the actor's death in which they discussed the future of the franchise. When Diesel told his friend that he could keep the franchise going as far as 10 movies, he said Walker's face lit up, stating:

And I remember this giant smile on his face like, 'What?! That's impossible!' But later that night we were talking, and I promised him that we would get to that point. It may not mean anything to anyone else, but to me on a personal level, that's the promise that I made to my brother. So I'd like to hopefully, if it's meant to be, honor that.

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and Tyrese Gibson in F9

Will Fast And Furious 10 Be Split Into Two Parts?

Whether or not Fast and Furious 10 will actually be the final movie remains to be officially confirmed. Still, with Fast And Furious 10 feeling like a pretty major milestone for the franchise, could it possibly end up being so big that it takes the route taken by series like Harry Potter? Well, Vin Diesel thinks that's a possibility.

During an interview with Total Film, the star of the Fast And Furious franchise had this to say about the prospect of splitting the final chapter into two parts:

I started planning for Fast 10 before we started filming Fast 9. Very much so. The universe is so robust and so rich with talent and rich with story that, on one level, it's totally feasible to have spin-offs, and I think that's something that is inevitable. Universal deserves it because of how much they've invested in this little saga, and it'd be good to give back to Universal. And for the fans, should Fast 10 parts one and two be the conclusion, it would be nice for this world to continue for generations to come.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Hobbs And Shaw

Will Luke Hobbs Ever Return To The Main Franchise?

By the looks of it, Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs won't be returning for next year's F9, but that doesn't mean the wrestler-turned-actor is retiring the character. During a 2020 Facebook Live Q&A session, Johnson teased big changes for the Hobbs And Shaw sequel, which doesn't yet have a release date, saying:

We have a few more surprises, great characters to create, not the characters that Hobbs can just kick the shit out of, 'cause that's boring, but characters I think you'll fall in love with — villains, anti-heroes, and more heroes.

But what about the main franchise, will Luke Hobbs team up with Dom and crew one more time in Fast And Furious 10? Surely, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel have made up from their feud by now, right? During a September 2019 Instagram thank you post after the box office success of Hobbs And Shaw, made it seem like the beef was squashed, saying:

Lastly, but not least, I want to thank my brother Vin for your support of Hobbs And Shaw. I saw your post and I appreciate it… As you know, and what a wild ride this is an what a wild ride this has been, 10 years ago when you and I spoke, you invited me into the Fast And Furious family. I'm grateful for the invite. And as you know, my goal was always, all these years, to com into the Fast And Furious world and help elevate the franchise in any way that I possibly could. And of course, all roads lead to one thing. I'll be seeing you soon, Toretto.

That surely makes it look like we haven't seen the last of Hobbs and Toretto.

Michelle Rodriguez in Fast And Furious 6

When Will We Get The All-Female Fast And Furious Movie?

The all-female Fast And Furious movie might not get talked as much as the Hobbs And Shaw sequel or the next couple of mainline Fast And Furious movies, but as far as anyone knows, the project is still in the works. When speaking with MTV News around the time the F9 trailer hit the internet, Vin Diesel said the project is very much still happening, stating:

I've created a female spin-off. And that script comes in next month, so we will see.

It seems like February 2020 was three years ago, not three months, considering everything that has happened in the world and to the Fast And Furious franchise. But with the movie industry practically coming to a screeching halt recently, it might be some time before we see the female-led entry in the franchise. The exact date, or even a release window, is not yet known at this time.

Vin Diesel and John Cena in F9

How Will The Delay Of F9 Impact The Franchise?

The world was supposed to get the ninth chapter of the Fast And Furious franchise in May 2020, but with theaters across the world being shuttered for an unknown amount of time, Universal Pictures elected to push the release back nearly a year. The film now won't hit theaters until April 2, 2021, which was the original release date of Fast And Furious 10, pushing back the release of all subsequent films.

Whether this one-year delay will impact more than just the release dates of all future Fast And Furious films remains to be seen, but it could give Vin Diesel, Justin Lin, and the rest of the creative minds behind the saga the opportunity to the go all out for the final lap.

Those are some of the most pressing questions we still have about the Fast And Furious franchise moving forward. If you're looking for the lowdown on the most interesting tidbits of information about the franchise thus far, check out our list of 11 furious behind the scenes facts.

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