The Fate Of The Furious' tenure at the box office has been a rollicking success. Not only did it set the record for the highest-grossing opening of all time, but its worldwide total is currently at $1.215 billion, as well. While that's still behind franchise-holder Furious 7's haul of $1.516 billion, Universal Pictures and the Fast And The Furious team have still decided that future installments are a good risk.

In fact, The Fate Of The Furious was described as the first in a new trilogy of films from the franchise, while Universal Pictures has already announced that a spin-off film featuring two of the most beloved characters from the series will get their own adventure, as well. But, what do we know about the upcoming Fast And Furious movies?

We here at CinemaBlend have decided that, in the wake of the tremendous triumph of The Fate Of The Furious and with the next installments set to hit us in quick succession over the coming years, a crash course on the upcoming list of titles and their release dates was required. So, without further ado, here are the future films from The Fast And The Furious that have the near impossible task of trying to top the audacious efforts that have preceded them.

Fast & Furious 9

The Fate Of The Furious actually set itself up rather nicely for a sequel. All of the gang were reunited on a New York rooftop, the bad blood between Dom and Deckard Shaw seems to have been forgotten about and everyone looking as though they're getting along famously. Letty doesn't have an issue with Dom having a child, while Charlize Theron's Cipher is still on the loose. After she murdered Elsa Pataky's Elena, right in front of Dom and their son, the posse will be intent, no doubt, on gaining some revenge against her. But the good vibes between Deckard and Dom will really be put to the test with the return of Han Lue. Despite the revelation at the end of Fast & Furious 6 that Deckard was responsible for Han's death in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, Han Lue may actually be alive and well, as screenwriter Chris Morgan and producer Neal Moritz have confirmed that Sung Kang will reprise his role in the next installment. Or, of course, it's possible that he will just be used in flashbacks instead. Along with Han Lue, the rest of the leading team has strongly suggested that they will return, too, which will hopefully means more screen time for the mercurial Helen Mirren. The problem is, since Brian Torretto will very much be in his infancy, Dom and Letty will either need to get the world's most secure booster seat, or we'll soon find out who the best babysitter out of Hobbs, Shaw, Letty, Roman, Tej and Ramsay is. My money is on Roman.

When It's Released: April 19, 2019.

Fast & Furious 10

Since those involved in Fate Of The Furious have been pretty quick to reveal that this was the start of a trilogy, we can expect Fast & Furious 9 to end on a bit of a tease. Sadly, Chris Morgan has already insisted that this won't include a trip to space, which feels like a wasted opportunity to me. Hopefully he'll change his mind, but in the meantime we can only speculate about how both the ninth and tenth films will try to top their predecessors. After dragging a vault through Rio, crashing through two skyscrapers and racing a submarine, it's going to be very tough. This will be further complicated by the fact that Dominic Toretto will undoubtedly be trying to balance his need for speed with fatherhood. The question is whether the film will decide to keep Brian Toretto as an infant. They could instead move a few years into the future and then show him on the hunt for revenge against Cipher alongside his old man. This would also give fans the opportunity for the film to depict Dom teaching his kid how to drive, a scene that we all would love to see. Don't forget that Mia and Brian's own son could be brought in, too. What we do know is that Brian O'Conner almost certainly won't be seen again, as producer Neal Moritz previously insisted it would be too hard to see the character again without Paul Walker. Neal Moritz has also insisted that Fast & Furious 10 will definitely mark the end of the franchise, and that while they don't quite know the journey yet, they do know how it will end. But, come the release of Fast & Furious 10, if the franchise is still financially flourishing it will be interesting to see if this actually marks the end, or if it will instead gear up for even more installments. We now have just under four years until we will find out.

When It's Released: April 2, 2021

Luke Hobbs And Deckard Shaw Spin-Off

While Vin Diesel was more than happy to share the revelation that two more Fast And Furious films would be coming in the ensuing years, rounding up the saga's total to 10 films, he's been much quieter about the proposed Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw spin-off, which would star Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, respectively. That's understandable, considering the reported tiff between Diesel and Johnson. Shortly after the release of The Fate Of The Furious, and following on from its record breaking opening, Universal and Johnson himself quickly teased that Hobbs and Shaw would get their own film. Fate Of The Furious actually did a sterling job of setting up their camaraderie, putting them in a number of scenes together, and Johnson and Statham were able to create a genuine buzz. There were even rumors that the film contained a deleted scene that saw the duo finally going to have their long touted fight, only to then decide not to do so at the last minute, and then vow to work together instead of with Dom. It was intended to launch the spin-off, but, even without that little tip of the hat, the potential blockbuster is still coming. It's just a question of when it will be released, with April 2020 a potential spot, as it would give fans their annual Fast And Furious injection, and would fit neatly in between the ninth and tenth films.

When It's Released: Unknown

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