How Fast And Furious 10 Will Fulfill 'The Promise' Vin Diesel Made To Paul Walker

Vin Diesel's Dom and Paul Walker's Brian are ready.

It’s fair to say that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker laid the foundation for the Fast & Furious franchise, having led seven films together before Walker’s untimely passing. Today, the automobile-centric saga still has its foot on the gas and is well on its way to a tenth installment. It’s a milestone that will be particularly meaningful to Vin Diesel partly due to a conversation he once had with Walker.

During a recent interview with USA Today, the Bloodshot star reflected on the late Paul Walker, who Diesel affectionately referred to as “my brother Pablo.” He also recalled a 2013 interview he did with Walker shortly before his death, during which Walker expressed his excitement for the future of the franchise:

He was always tickled by the fact that we were continuing. He was always so excited and so proud that his brother was thinking of these films before the studio, before anyone knew that there was another one coming and another one coming and that the stories had been worked out for him. He took great pride in that.

Diesel also revealed that, during that same interview, Walker asked him about the number of Fast & Furious films he ultimately wanted to make. After mulling it over for a bit, Diesel settled on an even ten and is hoping to keep that promise:

And I remember this giant smile on his face like, ‘What?! That's impossible!’ But later that night we were talking, and I promised him that we would get to that point. It may not mean anything to anyone else, but to me on a personal level, that's the promise that I made to my brother. So I'd like to hopefully, if it's meant to be, honor that.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker had a close relationship off screen and, even years after his passing, Diesel continues to think of his late friend and co-star when plotting out the films. He recently confirmed that Walker was actually an inspiration for John Cena’s new character in the newest installment, F9.

This bond makes it easy to see why Diesel would want to keep his promise and reach the coveted 10-movie mark.

As the main Fast & Furious franchise races to its conclusion, talk is gradually turning to Fast & Furious 10. Story details obviously haven’t been disclosed at this point, but Diesel has considered taking a cue from Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and split the project into two films.

Fans will, unfortunately, have to wait a little longer to see what lies at the end of the road for Dominic Toretto and his family now that the latest film has been delayed. However, one can assume that Diesel and his team are still aiming for that tenth entry. Moviegoers can see the penultimate chapter, F9, when it hit theaters on April 2, 2021.

Erik Swann
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