You Probably Wouldn’t Guess Which Actor Beat Samuel L. Jackson For The Most Onscreen F-Bombs

Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street

Samuel L. Jackson has performed various kinds of characters over his decades-long acting career, and a lot of them have something in common: they frequently drop the f-bomb. Across many of his movies, some variation of “fuck” has flown freely from his mouth, usually in the form of “motherfucker.” However, don’t think that means Jackson has the most onscreen f-bombs. That honor belongs to Jonah Hill.

Thanks to his roles in movies like Superbad and The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill has cursed 376 times on the big screen, which averages out to approximately 22.9 curses per 1,000 words. Considering that Hill is only 36 years old and he’s still one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, assuming he keeps performing in adult-oriented fare, that number will obviously grow. I wonder what his f-bomb accrual will look like 10 years from now.

So if Jonah Hill has collected the most movie f-bombs, then where does Samuel L. Jackson rank? Interestingly enough, he’s third on the list with 301 curses, trailing behind #2 Leonardo DiCaprio, who has 361. The main reason DiCaprio took second place is due to The Wolf of Wall Street, where his character, Jordan Belfort, swore 332 times, making him the most foul-mouthed character. Jonah Hill’s character, Donnie Azoff, wasn’t too shabby either, averaging 74 swears per 1,000 words.

Clearly The Wolf of Wall Street is packed with more f-bombs than your average R-rated movie, and sure enough, it ranks as the most foul-mouthed movie with 715 swears. Uncut Gems falls into second place with 646 and Casino takes third place with 606. You can head over to Buzz Bingo to see their full curse-laden breakdown for movies.

Obviously these statistics will change as new movies come out, but considering the kind of material that The Wolf of Wall Street threw at its audience, it’s a good bet that it’ll likely keep leading the theatrical pack on f-bombs for at least the near future. Released at the end of 2013, the Martin Scorsese-directed flick made $392 million worldwide and collected a lot of accolades, including a Golden Globe win and five Academy Award nominations.

As for Jonah Hill and Samuel L. Jackson, the two actors continue to keep busy with various projects. Although Hill hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2018’s The Beach Bum, he was a producer on last year’s Richard Jewell, and while he was in talks at one point to star in Matt ReevesThe Batman, he eventually walked away from the project. Jackson, on the other hand, had a steady presence on the big screen last year, playing Nick Fury in three MCU movies, as well as appearing in Glass, Shaft and The Last Full Measure.

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