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Dylan O’Brien Recreated The Social Network’s Lawyer Up Scene, And The Internet Is Here For It

Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin in the Social Network
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As The Social Network approaches its milestone ten-year anniversary later this year, the David Fincher’s Oscar-winning drama just got an impressive tribute. Parenthood’s Sarah Ramos teamed up with Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien to recreate the quotable sequence at the end of the film when Andrew Garfield’s Eduardo Saverin goes off on Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg. Check it out below:

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So… they just nailed it. At first, it seems as if Dylan O’Brien is lip-syncing to Andrew Garfield’s Social Network performance, but it’s completely his own. O’Brien perfectly executed the iconic moment – so much so that the “Andrew Garfield impression” suddenly exists. Even the teardrops on the edge of his eyes match. Like… how even?

The internet is understandably impressed and helped the video go viral online. One Twitter user even demanded a Social Network reboot with the 28-year-old actor:

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The video has racked up over two million views already and is garnering attention for not only Dylan O’Brien again following his notable roles in Teen Wolf and the Maze Runner films, but reminding fans about just how ingenious the 2010 collaboration between Aaron Sorkin’s writing and David Fincher’s direction was. The movie earned eight Oscar nominations and took home the awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Film Editing and Best Original Score.

The almost two-minute video is so good, it’s keeping the internet up at night:

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The video became so popular that it reached Andrew Garfield too! The actor doesn’t use social media, but he texted Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who he will be working on for the upcoming biographical drama Tick, Tick… Boom. Check out his response:

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He most certainly did! Dylan O’Brien responded to Andrew Garfield’s high-profile middleman with this:

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It’s great to see some extra love for The Social Network and Andrew Garfield’s role of Edwardo Saverin this week. While Garfield had already been acting for years, The Social Network is considered to be his breakthrough role, and it earned him plenty of acclaim. Some fans even pointed out Garfield’s Oscar snub for the pivotal supporting role following the viral video:

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Both Dylan O’Brien and Andrew Garfield are great talents who have been keeping a fairly low profile in recent years. O’Brien recently voiced the titular Transformer in Bumblebee back in 2018 and is now gearing up to star in apocalyptic-comedy Monster Problems with Michael Rooker and Infinite with Mark Wahlberg in 2021.

Garfield has a number of dramas coming out, but his starring role in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut is especially exciting. He will be portraying playwright and composer Jonathan Larson in his 2001 autobiographical play that he wrote following his work on Rent.

If you’re in the mood to relive The Social Network in all its glory, check out CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend commentary track on the film while you watch.

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