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A Bird Invaded Tom Holland’s House, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of His Video

Tom Holland in Spider-man Far From Home

It's quarantine day, 70-something, I guess. While the world is slowly beginning to wake up and you might not technically be stuck in your house, there are still a lot of reasons to stay there. Except that by now you've binge-watched every series you care to see and re-watched every movie in your collection and half of Netflix. What else is there to even do? Well it turns out there might be something totally awesome that you haven't watched yet, Tom Holland trying to get a pigeon out of his house.

Yes, I know how that sounds but you're going to have to trust me. Tom Holland posted a video to Instagram Stories in which he shows off a pigeon that had somehow flown into his house, and the video of the actor working to get the bird out is just about the greatest thing you're going to see on the internet today. Check it out.

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Would this video be half as interesting if we weren't going stir crazy on a global scale? I mean maybe not, but the clip is pretty entertaining. The bird is apparently just chilling in Tom Holland's house, you know, like you do. The actor uses a towel to try to usher the little guy out, and it actually works remarkably well. Apparently, he just needed Holland to escort him to the door.

It actually is pretty endearing. Tom Holland is incredibly supportive and encouraging to the pigeon and seems to truly feel bad when the bird tries to fly away and runs into glass. If you need somebody to renew your faith in the goodness of people, Tom Holland certainly does his part here.

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Holland introduces us to his feathered friend, who he has named Will Smith, a joke referencing the animated movie Spies in Disguise that the two actors did together, where Smith became a pigeon. And hey, that's probably not a movie that you've seen, at least based on the box office response last Christmas, so this is actually a double win. You've seen a great internet video and you have a new movie to watch while stuck at home.

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Of course, I guess we also need to talk about the other thing in this video, or more specifically, not in this video, which is Tom Holland's clothing. We can tell at the very beginning that the man is wearing shorts, but that's about it. He's just hanging around at home so he didn't worry about a shirt, and yes the Tom Holland thirst tweets have come out in force as well.

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And so that is your daily dose of glorious internet content, Tom Holland and a pigeon working together to hopefully bring a smile to your face, something we could all probably use. Tom Holland's next project will be the long-delayed Uncharted movie, that is currently, once again, delayed.

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