Why Reese Witherspoon Keeps Going When She's Super 'Overwhelmed' By Hollywood

Reese Witherspoon freaking out during Wild

When I think of tough-as-nails women who have carved out their own niches in Hollywood, my mind often goes to Reese Witherspoon first. The a-list actress still appears on the big and small screen, but she’s also built a producing empire (as well as a solid fashion line). But even Reese Witherspoon is sometimes “overwhelmed” by Hollywood.

In fact, it’s not easy being a super successful A-lister in Hollywood. During a recent interview appearance, Reese Witherspoon admitted that just like a regular mom or careerwoman, or both, she sometimes has moments where she is not at her best. And in those moments, she sometimes even cries in her car.

I’ll lay on the floor and cry or I’ll sit in my car and cry. Yeah, sometimes I’m totally overwhelmed. I really want to change things. I see younger women in our industry and I want them to have a better experience. I want to see that they have a beautiful idea of what the future can hold.

Speaking with Sunday Morning’s Rita Braver, Reese Witherspoon did admit she sometimes takes on a little too much. There’s her Hello Sunshine projects, projects she produces like Little Fires Everywhere and also often co-stars in. She has her own clothing line in Draper James and is expected to be heading back to the big screen for Legally Blonde 3, which is already moving forward. Did I mention she’s also a mom of three? Yet, she's also working as hard as possibly to make sure there are more projects on the table for leading ladies to get involved in. I can see why that could be a lot.

Still, she revealed that it helps to have all of the experience she has in the industry. She’s been acting since she was only 14-years-old and successfully transitioned from teenaged star to an ambitious star and producer as an adult. She said it helps to have been in the business as long as she has.

I do know what makes a good movie; I've been standing on movie sets since I was 14 years old.

If was her husband Jim Toth who convinced her she’d be able to do work behind-the-scenes, pushing female-led projects forward and more into the public lie. This is how we got movies like Wild, based on a book by Cheryl Strayed. It’s also subsequently how fans got the HBO small screen version of Big Little Lies, based on a book by Liane Moriarty.

At the end of the day, most people need a cry every now and again, whether or not it’s related to work. But it’s still nice to hear that people who seem so poised and put together do have moments that are as hectic and chaotic as the rest of us. Even if she’s wearing a pricier dress or whatever while having those moments.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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