Hulu Jumps On The Trend Of Dropping Stuff Early While We're Stuck At Home

Little Fires Everywhere Hulu

Many Americans are hanging out at home right now with nowhere to go due to the coronavirus pandemic, and for some, that can lead to boredom. Luckily, streaming services are doing their best to combat boredom by giving those self-quarantined and practicing social distancing new content to watch while at home. Disney+ recently released Frozen II ahead of schedule, and now Hulu has gotten in on the fun with some early releases of its own.

Not to be outdone by Disney+ dropping one of the biggest kids' films of last year early, Hulu (which is also Disney-owned) decided to announce the early release of one of its biggest upcoming miniseries. The platform took to Twitter to announce that the first three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere are now available for any and everyone to binge.

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The release of Little Fires Everywhere meant audiences got a chance to jump on to binge early, though it is worth noting the release only came a day ahead of the originally planned release of Wednesday, March 18. Still, any little bit helps in these unsure times where shows are halting production left and right. At least in this case, viewers will be able to enjoy this series on a weekly basis until Wednesday, April 15.

Little Fires Everywhere wasn't the only series that was dropped on Hulu early. The streamer also released the movie Big Time Adolescence (which stars the increasingly prolific Pete Davidson) a week earlier than expected, so it's possible this could be the first of many early releases by Hulu. Future Man Season 3 is the next big Hulu original coming up, so don't be surprised if we happen to see that release a bit early as well.

With that being said, streaming services and other networks and production companies may slow on these early releases eventually. The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of shows on hold for the moment, which means that there may come a point when new television content is on hold until this health crisis is over.

Streamers like Hulu and Netflix surely have a deep lineup of content on the way, but may hold a little more back to prepare for when networks run out of fresh content to show audiences elsewhere. While waiting isn't often an enjoyable thing when it comes to great television, perhaps after a couple months staying mostly at home, audiences will begin to appreciate being able to wait for fresh content every so often.

For now though, audiences can fly through the first few episodes of Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu (opens in new tab). Continue to stick with CinemaBlend to see what other shows could be on the way a little earlier than planned, and for the latest and greatest updates happening in television and movies.

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