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Walt Disney World Is Using Stormtroopers To Encourage Social Distancing, Watch The Video

Rise of the Resistance

Walt Disney World finally has an opening day set but while we wait for mid-July to get here, the closest we can get to visiting Walt Disney World is going to Disney Springs. The marketplace area is open to a limited number of guests and while there is certainly a distinctly Disney feel about the place, it certainly isn't the same thing as visiting the theme parks. Although a recent addition has added a bit of themeing to Disney Springs that will both make you feel more like you're at Disney World and also remind you of the new rules during this unique time.

Disney Springs has placed Stormtroopers on a platform above some of the shops, and they are actively encouraging guests to wear their face coverings, while also making sure that they "move along" and keep a safe distance between people. Check it out in the video from Attractions Magazine.

As ideas go, this one is actually pretty solid. Bringing the Stormtroopers into Disney Springs adds a touch of the theme park flavor that people have been missing and wanting so much. In addition, they serve a real purpose in reminding people of the new rules that are in place due to social distancing. And because the reminders are coming from costumed characters and not normal Disney cast members, there's potentially more likelihood that people will actually follow the rules. If it feels like it's part of the Disney experience, people might be more accepting of the situation.

Of course, there are also some potential issues with the idea as well. First off, people want to stop and watch the Stormtroopers, they're the only show in town, after all, which occasionally leads to groups beginning to form underneath them. It's counterproductive to the concept, though in the video it appears that, when told to keep moving, most people are doing so.

The other issue is that, if you take this to its logical conclusion from a storyline perspective, it means that Disney Springs is under occupation from the First Order, which maybe isn't the nicest idea. Stormtroopers have been among the costumed characters found at Disney Parks since long before Galaxy's Edge opened, and they're generally viewed as fun rather than evil, but they are still the bad guys.

But in the end, as long as it works and people follow the rules, none of the rest of it really matters.

Disney Springs saw the World of Disney store open last week for the first time since March, bringing some Disney cast members back into their jobs. Many more will go back to work when the rest of the resort reopens in July. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks are set to open July 11 with Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios reopening July 15.

Dirk Libbey
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