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Disney Parks Have Chosen The Perfect Characters To Promote Health And Safety During Reopening

Elastigirl social distancing PSA

Two Disney Parks around the world are open with Shanghai Disneyland having opened a few weeks ago and Hong Kong Disneyland reopening today. However, the real test of theme parks in the new normal will be when Walt Disney World and Disneyland reopen next month. When that happens, a lot of the responsibility will be on the guests themselves to make sure that proper precautions are taken. Today, Disney showed off the campaign that will be used inside the parks to promote health and safety to the guests, and since everything at a Disney Park has to be properly themed, this campaign uses the Incredibles to get its message across.

It's actually a pretty perfect collection of characters, as the various super powers of the Incredibles fit quite perfectly into the various messages that the campaign needs to reinforce. As seen above, Elastigirl is the member of the team reminding people to social distance. Expect to see this sign in attraction queues, food lines, and any place where parties will be kept six feet apart so as to reduce the threat of spread.

Samuel L. Jackson's Frozone will also be on hand, to inform guests that temperature checks are important. As the sign points out, 100.4 degrees is the point at which groups will not be allowed in the parks. Disney cast members are checking their temperatures before they leave for work, and guests are being encouraged to do the same. Then everybody will be checked again upon entry to the park.

Frozone temperature PSA

From the beginning we've all been told how important it is that we wash our hands frequently, and so you can expect to see Dash reminding you to do so every time you leave the restroom, and probably also at the various hand sanitizing stations that are being set up all around the park.

Dash hand washing PSA

My favorite of the signage release by Disney however has to the one reminding you to keep your mask on, something all cast members and guests will be required to do. In this case, it's not a superhero but a super fashion designer telling you that your mask is both smart, but also stylish. Really, if Edna Mode is the one telling you you look great in a mask, how can you say no? And Disney even has its own collection of masks, which you can be sure will be on sale, so that you can look even more amazing dah-ling.

Edna mask PSA

The Disney Parks are certainly going to do everything possible to keep guests safe, but in the end, it's going to be on the guests to follow all the rules that are set out. If that happens, then everybody might still be able to have the magical Disney trip they've been looking forward to for so long. And maybe, this extra push from the Incredibles will help make that happen.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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