New Incredibles 2 Poster Shouts Out Edna Mode

After almost a decade and a half away from the silver screen, it looks like Pixar's most prominent superhero family will finally get back into action later this year. There's plenty of fan enthusiasm to go around when it comes to The Incredibles 2, but if we know anything about this superhero world, it's that a hero needs a good costume before he or she can go anywhere. Luckily, a brand new poster for the sequel has just debuted, and it seems to show off the latest handiwork of Edna Mode (director Brad Bird) with a machine washable (a "new feature" back in the first film) Incredibles uniform. Check out the poster, below.

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You can almost read the caption to that post in Edna Mode's instantly-recognizable voice, can't you? We still haven't seen much actual footage (save for small sneak peaks) from the upcoming film, but teases like this instantly tell us that we are in for the same offbeat combination of 1960s home life and superhero exploits that made the first film work so well. Now, when people yell "where's my super suit!?," you can tell them that it's in the wash.

Having said that, we still do not have much information about how the suits may change as we move from The Incredibles to The Incredibles 2. There is only one thing that we know for sure about Edna Mode and her penchant for costume design: no capes.

On that note, one topic not explicitly addressed by this newly-revealed poster is the number of secret gadgets and hidden features that might be lying in wait. After all, we know what Edna Mode can do with a super suit when she gets down to work.

Speaking more broadly, it will be interesting to see how The Incredibles 2 evolves its world, particularly when we consider how much this subgenre seems to have changed since the debut of the first film back in 2004. The Incredibles debuted long before audiences had become inundated with movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DCEU, and now there's a chance to thoroughly skewer a genre that has become far more prevalent in the modern era. If nothing else, this post seems potentially promise superhero satire and parody of the highest order. That's worth getting excited about in a time when superhero fatigue continually rears its head.

Audiences will finally get to see the entire Parr clan back in action when The Incredibles 2 debuts in theaters later this summer on June 15. If you want to know even more about everything that Pixar has cooking for the next few years, then make sure to run like Dash Parr over to our Pixar premiere guide to keep yourself up-to-date on all of the entertainment giant's most significant projects.

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