Johnny Depp Allegedly Accused Amber Heard Of Pooping In Their Bed After Argument

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Johnny Depp has dealt with lots of controversies in recent years, for a variety of different reasons. This week, reports came out indicating the troubled actor may have made unusual accusations about his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Now, rumors indicate the Pirates of the Caribbean mainstay got in a major argument before his ultimate divorce, believing Heard left poop on their bedsheets in a deliberate act of revenge after an argument while the couple was still together. At the time, the actress reportedly said the poop incident didn't come from her; rather, the actress claimed the excrement-in-question came from their Yorkshire terrier, Boo. The dog reportedly had a number of bowel problems in the past. If true, it's not the type of argument you hear every day.

The news comes from the Mirror and is all secondhand info, but here's what we know about the alleged argument. Johnny Depp claims this fecal fiasco reportedly occurred in April 2016. The couple allegedly argued with each other because Depp was late to Amber Heard's 30th birthday party. He was two hours late, in fact. That was what reportedly sparked the argument at the time, and they reportedly only got more bitter from there. At some point during the heated exchange, Heard reportedly made a drastic measure and soiled the sheets, according to Mr. Johnny Depp. The crap-covered sheets were not found by Depp, who reportedly stormed out of their LA penthouse in the midst of their disagreements, but by a housekeeper who was under their employment. This housekeeper claimed the feces-in-question was reported to be "too big" to be from their canine.

Johnny Depp was reportedly not the least bit amused by what he believes was Amber Heard's "prank" on him. A source close to Depp allegedly claims that there is "strong, photographic evidence" that ultimately connects the discarded dejection to his former partner. But there's no proof that this is true from this reporting, and the actress's representative reportedly claims that it was "never a joke" and that it was never done to be "disrespectful," once again claiming that it was from the dog and its bowel problems and not from the woman who was reportedly bitter at her husband-at-the-time and seeking to exact her revenge.

These claims add to what was ultimately considered an ugly and lengthy divorce dispute. Since then, Johnny Depp has also been dealing with a number of different issues when it comes to his personal life. His bodyguards have sued him, the release of his forthcoming film City of Lies has been delayed after accusations that the A-list actor reportedly punched a crew member surfaced, and he claims to be near bankruptcy after dealing with a long series of money woes. Clearly, there's been a lot of not-so-great press.

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