The Conjuring 3 Director Addresses Movie's Release Date Change, Lack Of Trailer So Far

The Conjuring

When movie theaters closed down in March, movie releases began to get pushed back, Initially, there was a hope that mid-July would be sufficient to get things back up and running, when it became clear that would not be the case, movies moved back to August. Now, some of those August releases are starting to shift even further back, and with each change in release for a major tentpole comes a chain reaction of date changes as every movie down the line moves out of the way of the incoming films. That chain reacted has now hit The Conjuring 3, which has now moved off its September 2020 date for June 2021.

Michael Chaves, director of The Conjuring 3, officially titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, took to social media to let franchise fans know about the change, as well as to apologize to another group of fans, those of the Batman franchise. Although, there appears to be some confusion as Batman had been moved to an October 2021 release back in April. Chaves said on Twitter...

UPDATE: Our theatrical release has been pushed back to the hopefully bright, but distant future of June 4, 2021. (Also sorry to the many Batman fans as we’re taking that weekend.) And I know - that date seems very far away. I’m sure this brings some angst and frustration - even more than what everyone must be already feeling. I have my own personal list of movies, books, and video games that I'm counting down. Knowing that stuff is coming gives me a sense of stability in a very unstable world.

One of the toughest parts of the global pandemic is that because of the circumstances, we could all use things like great books and movies to help us get through it, the very things that we now can't get. Michael Chaves himself understands the feelings of those that are going to be frustrated by the delay, which now puts the movie nearly a full year away because he too has been looking forward to things that are now being delayed.

With the movie being so far away now, there's an even bigger call for a trailer for Conjuring 3, something to give the fans who now have to wait so much longer. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear a trailer is coming anytime soon. Chaves continues...

I do hear you guys. When you ask for a trailer - I'm not personally holding it on my computer waiting to release it. It's all part of a marketing campaign planned by the absolutely brilliant team at WB.

While The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It was technically only a couple of months away before the rescheduling, no trailer had been seen for the film yet. It seems likely that there is a trailer that was close to being released around the time things started to be shutdown, and the decision was made to hold off, probably for just such an eventuality as this one. Saving money on marketing for a movie that's release date is uncertain is certainly a good financial decision. Films that had already spent a lot of money on marketing before being delayed are in an even tougher position.

With the movie now set for June 2021, we may not see a trailer for the film until next year.

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