Psycho And 11 Other Alfred Hitchcock Movies Available Streaming

Janet Leigh in Psycho
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It’s hard to think of horror, mystery, and suspense without also thinking of Alfred Hitchcock. For many horror movie filmmakers that followed him, he was a mentor with his style, technique, and ability to both create psychological and physical horror. He’s a filmmaker often studied in schools because his films have left a legacy not easily forgotten.

The peak of Alfred Hitchcock’s film career was from the 1930s to the late 1960s. Despite many of his films being over 80 years old, they're still favorites of many movie makers and fans. Some of the fears presented are still ones that haunt people to this day (admit it, you still get a little scared when you see a group of birds flocking together). The power of the internet means that you don’t have to hunt for Alfred Hitchcock films at small art house theaters, because most are available online.

For this list, I am only listing Alfred Hitchcock movies with sound (not his silent film collection) and only those available through one of the many streaming platforms.

Norman Bates at the end of Psycho.

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Psycho (Peacock)

Psycho is probably Alfred Hitchcock’s most well-known movie, and one of his most beloved. This 1960 film follows Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), a seemingly normal hotel owner. Quickly, viewers learn that Norman might not be the good guy. The film also stars Janet Leigh as Marion Crane. Decades later, A&E brought Norman back to audiences with Bates Motel, starring Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. Before that, there were sequels and a remake.

Psycho continues to find new forms because it’s a memorable and haunting story, and also a little relatable: “We all go a little mad sometimes.” Psycho stunned viewers and continues to make showering a daunting activity.

Stream Psycho on Peacock.

The two stars of Dial M For Murder.

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Dial M For Murder (Tubi)

In 1954, Alfred Hitchcock released Dial M for Murder, a movie about a man who plots to murder his wife after he discovers that she had an affair, then he tries to frame her for murder. Dial M for Murder stars Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings, and John Williams. Dial M for Murder leaves a lasting impression because of the talented and respected cast.

Dial M for Murder is one of my favorite types of films, one where you know who the criminal is, and then you wait and see how all the scheming and plotting starts to bring him or her down.

Stream Dial M For Murder on Tubi.

Cary Grant in North by Northwest.

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North By Northwest (HBO Max)

North by Northwest premiered in 1959 and still remains one of Alfred Hitchock’s most praised movies. The film follows Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) as he deals with a case of mistaken identity. He must run for his life while also trying to uncover what’s really happening. North by Northwest’s cast includes Eva Marie Saint and James Mason. North By Northwest has all the ingredients to make a compelling movie. It’s thrilling, funny, sexy, and features a talented cast of actors. Cary Grant really thrives in this movie because of the ease in which he goes from dramatic to romantic to comedy to fearful to sly. He really shows a range of emotions and acting skills in North by Northwest.

Stream North by Northwest on HBO Max.

The two stars in The Man Who Knew Too Much.

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The Man Who Knew Too Much (Peacock Premium)

Hitchcock made two films with the title The Man Who Knew Too Much. The first one was a 1934 version, which is also available to stream online through HBO Max. However, for this segment, I am focusing on his 1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much movie. This one is a suspense thriller starring James Stewart and Doris Day.

A family’s vacation drastically gets turned upside down when they learn about a murder plot, and then the parents must save their son from kidnappers. James Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock have worked together in several films, and this is just another one where their collaborative relationship excels. Stewart’s good guy naive charm pairs nicely with Doris Day’s slightly more people savvy character.

Stream The Man Who Knew Too Much on Peacock.

The two stars of Notorious.

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Notorious (Tubi TV) 

Notorious is a spy film noir directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and stars Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains. This film follows the story of a U.S. government agent, T.R. Devlin, and an American spy,  Alicia Huberman, as they take down the Nazis, and the story of how they fall in love while the stakes of war climb higher and higher. 

While Alfred Hitchcock has always been a man of mystery and suspense and thrillers, this was one of his first films where a love story was really at the center of it, and not just one love story, but two men who fall in love with the main woman. Centered around World War II and having plenty of drama, this film is one that you can’t miss if you like romance mixed in with a classic spy film. 

Stream Notorious on Tubi TV.

The main stars of Sabotage.

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Sabotage (Tubi)

Sabotage is Alfred Hitchcock’s 1936 film about a woman (Sylvia Sidney) who suspects that her husband (Oskar Homolka) is involved with terrorists. The terrorist plan to launch a series of attacks on London. John Loder plays the sergeant investigating the couple, and who falls in love with the wife. While all of this is going on, the couple is also trying to keep their cinema theater from going out of business. Sabotage is loosely based on Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent.

The film is another suspense movie that proves why Hitchcock is the master of it. Sabotage keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Stream Sabotage on Tubi.

The main star of Read Window.

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Rear Window (Peacock)

Rear Window is one of Alfred Hitchcock, James Stewart, and Grace Kelly’s most famous works. It has been remade and reinvented many times, most recently with 2007’s Disturbia. James Stewart plays L.B Jeff Jefferies. While healing his broken leg, Jeff witnesses what he believes to be his neighbor killing his wife. He then sets out to investigate the possible crime.

There are some Hitchcock films that I’ve seen more times than I can count, and Rear Window is one of them. There is so much to admire about this film, from the acting, the story, the directing style, and so much more. Without getting too geeky about Rear Window, in basic terms, it's just a really good mystery and thriller that keeps you engaged. It may have been released in 1954, but it’s still a story that could work in almost any decade.

Stream Rear Window on Peacock.

The two main stars of Shadow of a Doubt.

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Shadow Of A Doubt (Peacock) 

If you’re looking for an excellent film full of mystery, then Shadow of a Doubt is the one for you. This 1943 film starring Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten tells the story of an uncle that seems like a regular man, but as his niece begins to unravel the mystery behind him, she finds out that he is wanted for murder - and soon, he realizes she knows. 

Alfred Hitchcock films always have a bit of mystery within them, which is usually what makes them so good, but Shadow of a Doubt feels like one of the best ones out there because the audience is in on the mystery - it’s the characters that aren’t, and now, you’re hoping they figure it out before it’s too late. It’s a great psychological thriller, one that you can’t miss. 

Stream Shadow of a Doubt on Peacock.

The main stars of Rope.

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Rope (Peacock Premium)

Despite some people’s negative opinions about the 1948 version of Rope, it’s a Hitchcock film that I really enjoy. Partly because I also find the Leopold and Loeb story fascinating, and secondly because the concept of Rope is very riveting. Rope works for a few different reasons. One it makes you identify with the killers and it makes you root for them, then you remember they’re cold-blooded killers, so you root against them.

I’m also a fan of when movies that are based on plays feels like a play. Rope feels like you’re watching a stage production, and most of the scenes involve James Stewart, John Dall, and Farley Granger.

Stream Rope on Peacock Premium.

The main star of The Birds.

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The Birds (Peacock)

The legacy of The Birds is now filled with controversy and violent behavior from Alfred Hitchcock, but the film itself is one of his best. The film makes you terrified of a normally peaceful animal. I think what makes the idea of The Birds (at least to me) so frightening is that their attacks come out of nowhere. This makes you wonder if birds one day will just have enough of our crap and band together to take us all out. At this rate, a humans against birds war seems completely plausible in 2020.

The Birds worked in 1963 because of the style and nature of the movie. I’m not sure it would still work and translate in modern times. The Birds also worked so well because of Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor, and Jessica Tandy’s performances.

Stream The Birds on Peacock.

The main stars of Foreign Correspondent.

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Foreign Correspondent (HBO Max)

Foreign Correspondent was Alfred Hitchcock’s second big Hollywood film. After its 1940 release, it along with Hitchock’s first big Hollywood movie, Rebecca, was nominated for the 1941 Best Picture Academy Award. Rebecca won the Best Picture Oscar that year.

The film starred Joel McCrea, Laraine Day, Herbert Marshall, and George Sanders. It’s about an American reporter who gets assigned to go to Europe to be a foreign correspondent. While there, he stumbles upon a spy ring and assassination plans.

Stream Foreign Correspondent on HBO Max.

The main star of Vertigo.

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Vertigo (Peacock)

Vertigo was released in 1958 and starred James Stewart and Kim Novak. It’s a film about doppelgangers, murder, and obsession.

If you’ve taken any college film class, then you probably at least watched Vertigo four million times. Vertigo is a film that the more I watch, the more I discover new things to admire and appreciate about it. I’m a basic person, so Vertigo is probably in my top twenty favorite films. It’s just so good after you have to watch it four million times.

Stream Vertigo on Peacock TV.

These are only 12 of the many great Alfred Hitchcock films available to stream. A few other titles also available are Family Plot, Young & Innocent, and The Trouble with Harry. So if you can’t get enough of Alfred Hitchcock films, then the internet provides a cornucopia of options.

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