Chris Pratt Has A Funny Take As His Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger Nears Birth Of First Child

Chris Pratt hiking in Jurassic World 3

Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger have been expecting for a while now. So long, in fact, that during a recent hike the Jurassic World: Dominion star got a little worried his wife might go into labor on the trail. He’s a jokester, but also maybe not wrong.

In fact, Katherine Schwarzenegger is already confirmed to be in her third trimester, and some reports indicate the baby is expected this fall. Recently, her famous dad Arnold Schwarzenegger also revealed it might be this summer, literally noting, ‘sometime this summer’ on The Tonight Show. So, Chris Pratt joking on his Instagram Stories about her birthing on the trail may not be all that off topic. Take a look.

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Still, reports have indicated Schwarzenegger has kept really active during her pregnancy and activities like hiking are totally fine for pregnant ladies. In fact, while pregnancy does require some lifestyle changes most of the time (no sushi!), if there’s an exercise activity a pregnant woman was doing before pregnancy it’s usually fine during pregnancy.

Katherine Schwarzenegger was open about her love of exercise even before her pregnancy, advocating for plenty of yoga, pilates and kickboxing classes pre-quarantine. But it’s also notable that Chris Pratt isn’t wrong and that exercise can legit induce labor, thus adding a little edge to this joke. Regardless, if it had happened that way, that would be a story they’d tell forever.

“Where was your baby born?" "Oh just on a hike. It was fine though. Good views. A little dusty.”

Obviously, we’ll keep you posted whenever Baby Pratt/Schwarzenegger is born, but it's only one of two big events Chris Pratt has coming up, the other being the release of the third Jurassic World film. The baby event is definitely more exciting, as it’s been clear since Chris Pratt’s relationship got serious with Katherine Schwarzenegger that more kids would be in his future. In fact, the issue of kids may have been a contributing factor to his initial split from Anna Faris.

Right now, Chris Pratt shares son Jack with Anna Faris and then a new baby is on the way with Katherine Schwarzenegger. Here’s hoping they continue to expand their brood. As Pratt admitted some months ago, “lots of kids” are his expectations for the future. Two is a pretty good start.

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