Is Val Kilmer Really Going To Suit Up As Batman Again?

Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Forever (1995)

DC FanDome is right around the corner, and the hype among fans only seems to be growing by the day. This excitement was only amplified when DC revealed a massive guest list for the event, which includes names like Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Zack Snyder. Among that long list of names was Val Kilmer, who famously played the Dark Knight in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever. The actor’s portrayal of the iconic hero holds a place in many fans’ hearts and, in a recent message, the actor teased the possibility of suiting up once more.

Following the announcement of the DC FanDome guest list, Val Kilmer took to Instagram to express his excitement. He also mentioned asking if his appearance meant he could don the Batsuit again. He was apparently told that it was optional, which may or may not have him pondering the idea:

Well, the news is out. Friends at Warner Bros. asked if I'd like to be a part of DC FanDome and I asked if it meant putting on the ol' bat suit. They said it's optional. Hmmm.

One can’t help but get excited when reading Val Kilmer’s comments, as there are plenty of fans who would love to see the 60-year-old suit back up as fellow Batman Michael Keaton will. While the chances of Kilmer actually putting on the suit are probably slim, you still can’t help but smile when thinking about his enthusiasm. You can check out his original post down below:

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Fans do have other ideas regarding Val Kilmer’s presence at DC FanDome, though. Some believe Kilmer could be there to announce the “Schumacher Cut” of Batman Forever. For those who are unaware, shortly after Joel Schumacher’s death, this longer, darker version of his film was confirmed to exist. As a result, many fans are now hoping for the chance to feast their eyes on it. While this is far from confirmed, it would be sweet to have Kilmer formally announce its release.

Val Kilmer has battled health issues over the past few years, but the actor now seems to be bouncing back. Aside from his appearance at DC FanDome, he’s also slated to reprise his role as Tom "Iceman" Kazansky in Top Gun: Maverick. Though details of his exact role are being kept under wraps, fans are excited to see him once again rub elbows with Tom Cruise on the big screen.

Regardless of what happens during Val Kilmer’s appearance at DC FanDome, we can, at the very least, expect him to reminisce on his time making the movie. Having worked with Joel Schumacher and actors like Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones on the film, he probably has some fun stories to tell. Still, we’ll still be holding out hope that he’ll at least be wearing the cape and cowl when we see him.

DC FanDome will take place on August 22 and, to prepare for Val Kilmer’s appearance, you can revisit Batman Forever on HBO Max.

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