Full DC FanDome Schedule Is Now Live So Start Planning Your Event

The DC Trinity

In just over one week, DC fans should prepare to feast. The interactive event DC FanDome is going to offer audiences from around the world the opportunity to learn more about the movies, television shows, video games, comics and more that will be coming out of the DC Universe. And as of this morning, the schedule is live, giving you the chance to scan it and build your own personal road map through the 24-hour celebration.

There will be more that 100 hours of original programming spread across the DC FanDome schedule, which begins at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST on Saturday, August 22. As you can see from the schedule, the panels sort of replicate a Hall H presentation, with some panels running as short as 5 or 10 minutes, and others lasting up to 30 minutes. But they follow one after the other, so that if you are interested in all of the DC Films slate, for example, you won’t have to miss The Suicide Squad in order to attend the Zack Snyder Justice League panel.

Start building your schedule right now by following this link. You will have to start by setting up your own personal account.

If you follow me at all, then you know that the very first panel I looked for on the schedule was the Snyder Cut. And it’s interesting that the panel is now described as “The Snyder Cut of Justice League,” rather than Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is the title that Snyder has said he would like to maintain when his movie (show?) comes to HBO Max in 2021. But we hope to learn a release date during this 25 minute presentation. I, for one, can’t wait.

So where will you begin? It looks like the bulk of the film presentations are being assigned to the Hall of Heroes. The TV shows, be in ArrowVerse or DC Universe, will fill up the WatchVerse. And then other sections such as KidsVerse and YouVerse will offer interactive panels, games, presentations and a lot more that can help you fill your 24 hour block of time. There will be cosplay contests, Q-and-A panels with DC experts such as Jim Lee, and tons more.

As you can now tell from the DC FanDome schedule, the programming will repeat. On the film side, it’s essentially an eight hour block of panels, that will then “encore” two more times. So depending on your time zone, you don’t have to stay up to an ungodly hour to hear Matt Reeves wax poetic about his The Batman movie. We also believe that the content will be made available online after the DC FanDome has played its course, but are trying to get confirmation on that.

So tell me, what are you most excited for at DCFanDome? Will you binge the entire slate of programming? Or do you see yourself bouncing in and out of the FanDome, trying out different things at different times? The interactive site makes it very easy to build a schedule to meet your needs. No matter how you look at it, it’s a very exciting time to be a fan of the DC Universe, and FanDome can’t get here soon enough.

Sean O'Connell
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