One Thing Hamilton Star Anthony Ramos Has Learned To Appreciate During COVID

Anthony Ramos in Hamilton (2020)

Anthony Ramos has been a busy man over the past decade. He’s toured with the Broadway production of In the Heights, produced his own album and of course, had a dual role in the hit Broadway and Disney+ musical Hamilton, in which he played John Laurens and Philip Hamilton. However, during COVID, it sounds like Anthony Ramos has learned to slow down and look at things a little differently.

At one point in his career, Anthony Ramos planned to quit, but more acting jobs came his way. Now, it looks like he's at an opposite point in his life where he's been so busy he hasn't had a chance to take a breath. So now, Anthony Ramos believes COVID has given him a chance to slow down, be present, and live in the moment. Here’s what he had to say:

I’ve had the opportunity to just be here, be present, in the home that I worked so hard to have. You work so hard for certain things but you don’t get to enjoy them. You want to have a great relationship with your partner, and you find somebody that’s good, but then you just don’t make time to be with them. You work hard to have a beautiful home, work hard to buy that car that you love that you never get to enjoy ‘cause you’re always on planes. I feel like this time has given me perspective. I was working so hard before this, but I’m trying to work smarter.

It's easy to understand Anthony Ramos' comments to American Songwriter. Without question, the coronavirus has changed our perspectives, our behaviors, and our daily lives. For Ramos, it sounds like that sudden and abrupt change has given him time to actually enjoy his life rather than work all of the time. He’s been able to focus on the present time rather than always looking to the future.

Yet despite current events and the slowdown, it doesn’t sound like Anthony Ramos will be going anywhere anytime soon. The Hamilton actor landed the starring role of the movie adaptation of In the Heights, which is also written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. However, that movie's theatrical release has been has been delayed due to the coronavirus, and it’s unknown when it will open. But when it does, some think it might be bigger than Hamiltonwhen it does see the light of day.

Just as it has with Anthony Ramos, COVID has forced plenty of celebrities and Hollywood actors to stop and have some perspective on their lives. A few months back, Kevin Hart gave an emotional, inspiring message on how everyone should take this time to be better. Hugh Jackman, who also seems to be working all the time, took time out of his day to get his hands dirty and help those in need.

It’s good to hear Anthony Ramos has been able to soak things up a little bit and enjoy the things around him. Hopefully, when things get back to normal, he’ll continue to work smarter. For more movie news, be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Jason Ingolfsland