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Pitch Perfect 2 Rebel Wilson pulls a surprised face

2020 has been actor Rebel Wilson’s “year of health,” as she’s been working out and eating well in the name of her own well-being. And sure enough, the hard work has been paying off, as Wilson is very close to hitting her target weight, and she’s got the social media update to prove it. With roughly another 18 pounds to go, here’s Rebel Wilson’s latest news:

As she’s become accustomed to doing during her health journey, the famed actress from such hits as the Pitch Perfect franchise and Jojo Rabbit took to Instagram to deliver the good news. Showing off a beautiful blue dress, Wilson has thanked her fans for giving her messages of encouragement and enthusiasm during her efforts to get fit. It’s a far cry from her stories of losing weight through strenuous shoots like that of Tom Hooper’s Cats, and seeing Rebel Wilson continuing down the path to her goals is exactly the sort of news a year like 2020 could use.

This is especially true after this summer also broke the news that Wilson was allegedly being paid by major studios to keep the extra weight on. With an image that’s been used for laughs in the Pitch Perfect series and in the romantic comedy parody Isn’t It Romantic, there was a pattern emerging in casting Rebel Wilson in such films. Of course, that’s about to change thanks to Wilson putting in the work for her health.

Rebel Wilson isn’t the only person who’s shared some their success story in the name of personal wellness and weight loss in the 2020. Earlier this year, Ethan Suplee also showed off a newfound swoleness after years of being in the same sort of boat. Not to mention, this is also the year that the internet absolutely broke itself when award winning recording artist Adele had her own changes to show off via social media. But even in a crowded market of weight loss stories flooding the internet, Wilson’s own tale has had a mix of triumph and interesting details that mixed together to make her journey stand out among the others.

As she’s down to 18 pounds between her and the weight loss goal she set for herself at the beginning of the year, we wish nothing but good luck and positive energy to Rebel Wilson in her year of health.

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