Isn't It Romantic Trailer Shows Rebel Wilson Going Full Rom-Com

It has been said that romantic comedies set unrealistic expectations for young girls, depicting a world that is far nicer and less messy than the real one. The tropes of the genre are well known to audiences too, and these factors make romantic comedies ripe for deconstruction and some light-hearted ridicule. That's precisely what it looks like we'll be getting in Isn't It Romantic as Rebel Wilson's cynical character's life goes full rom-com. Check out the trailer below.

Right away, this trailer starts out by laying out the case against romantic comedies in humorous fashion, by showing that real life is not populated entirely by the gorgeous actors in rom-coms and that locking eyes with a stranger across a subway car doesn't always lead to a serendipitous meet cute. This harsh reality sets the stage perfectly for what happens to Rebel Wilson's Natalie.

Once Natalie concusses her way into romantic comedy land, the trailer really kicks in and becomes fun and different. The tropes get turned up to an eleven, shining a spotlight on the absurdity of the genre in a light-hearted, but still incisive, way.

The idealized version of New York City is perfectly saccharine and the reference to how characters in romantic comedies often have large, well-lit apartments that would probably cost thousands of dollars a month in rent are spot on. From the clothes and lighting to the music and dance numbers, the Isn't It Romantic trailer plays all the hits of the genre and uses them to entertaining effect.

Perhaps the best part about this trailer is how Rebel Wilson's character, in Deadpool-like fashion, essentially breaks the fourth-wall of her own fantasy reality and acknowledges that not only is she stuck in a romantic comedy, but it is one that is PG-13.

She can't curse, and far more cruelly, she can't actually enjoy the fruits of living in a fantasy world with Prince Charming types falling in love with her. Just like in the PG-13 films being satirized, a hookup cuts from a kiss and clothes coming off to the next morning with none of the actual action in between. Natalie's multiple attempts to seal the deal with Liam Hemsworth's character are quite funny.

Isn't It Romantic is arriving at an opportune time too. Although it is probably too soon to call it a full-blown renaissance, the romantic comedy genre has seen something of a resurgence this year thanks to the success of Crazy Rich Asians on the big screen and film's like Set It Up and To All the Boys I've Loved Before on Netflix.

That makes now a great time for a movie like this that is a satirical and meta look at the genre and will hopefully offer something fresh that helps continue the romantic comedy hot streak.

Isn't It Romantic's meta-ness extends even to its release date on Valentine's Day, the prime landing spot for rom-coms. Check out all of the biggest movies coming to theater's next year on our release schedule.

Nick Evans

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