Rebel Wilson Unveils Weight Loss, Says She Was Paid To ‘Stay Bigger’

Rebel Wilson in The Hustle
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In an industry ridden with stick thin celebrities, it’s been refreshing to watch Rebel Wilson’s rise to fame in films like Bridesmaids, Jojo Rabbit and Isn’t It Romantic. Unfortunately for the talented comedy actress and singer, most of her roles revolve around her commenting on her weight for laughs – she’s best known for playing “Fat Amy” in the Pitch Perfect films, for goodness sake!

To coincide with Rebel Wilson reaching 40 earlier this year, she decided to fulfill a personal goal in 2020 and commit to a “year of health.” The actress has been working closely with Australian-based trainer Jono Castano Acero to work on her fitness regularly, and the results are incredible. Take a look at a recent Instagram photo of Wilson:

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She looks amazing! Dietitian and exercise physiologist Kate Save believes the actress lost close to 40 pounds during her fitness program that involves six days of exercise per week, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), mobility, weights, resistance, technique and tempo. Just as the actress has started hitting her goals, Rebel Wilson revealed to The Sun that the decision to change her lifestyle comes after years of being paid to “stay bigger” by film bosses. In her words:

It's not like I want to lose weight and get to around a certain number. It's more than that, it's about dealing mentally with with why I was overeating and I had a job where I was paid a lot of money to be bigger, at times which kind of can mess with your head a bit.

The Hustle star has certainly become known in Hollywood for her figure, and as it turns out, she felt stuck to remain her size in order to appease industry executives. As the actress posted on Instagram back in May, her goal is to weigh 165 pounds and get one of her own movies into production. Take a look:

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Actresses and other female entertainment figures in particular who are known for a certain weight have been put under scrutiny in the past for suddenly slimming down. Adele was at the center of conversation in May when she posted her shocking weight transformation online to unfair scrutiny by the public. Modern Family’s Ariel Winter also had to explain herself for her randomly losing some weight for the recent season.

Rebel Wilson is coming off a massive year that had the actress starring in four films including the Oscar-nominated Jojo Rabbit and the much-spoofed Cats, which actually had the actress unintentionally losing eight pounds in four days.

Rebel Wilson’s latest project, LOL: Last One Laughing Australia, just dropped on Amazon Prime. It’s a competition show that has ten comedic actors and stand-up talents battling to see who can be the first and last to make their opponents laugh. The winner takes home $67,000. It can be streamed on Amazon.

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