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The Glorias Trailer Shows Julianne Moore’s Awesome Transformation Into Gloria Steinem

Julianne Moore in The Glorias

It's just not the fall season in Hollywood if we're not seeing the release of biopics starring high-caliber stars bringing history to life, and though 2020 has been far from a typical year in cinema, it's going to be no exception. In less than a months audiences will be able to see Julianne Moore transform into feminist icon Gloria Steinem in the upcoming Julie Taymor movie The Glorias – which co-stars Alicia Vikander, Lulu Wilson, Ryan Keira Armstrong, Janelle Monáe, Lorraine Toussaint, Bette Midler, Monica Sanchez, Kimberly Guerrero – and now the first trailer for the film has been released online. Check it out below!

Based on Steinem's memoir My Life On The Road, The Glorias is a film that follows its central protagonist over the course of several decades through the rise and growth of the women's movement in the latter half of the 20th century. The famed journalist/feminist is being played by both Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander, and will highlight key events in Steinem's life such as the creation of Ms. Magazine and the 1977 National Women's Conference.

In addition to Gloria Steinem, The Glorias will also prominently feature other massively important figures in the feminist movement, including Dorothy Pitman Hughes (Janelle Monáe), Flo Kennedy (Lorraine Toussaint), Bella Abzug (Bette Midler), Dolores Huerta (Monica Sanchez) and Wilma Mankiller (Kimberly Guerrero).

Not only is it exciting that we will be seeing this story told on the big screen with such an awesome cast, but it's also notably the first film we've seen from Julie Taymor in 10 years – her last feature being the William Shakespeare adaptation The Tempest. Taymor, who has a impressive history making big screen epics with some explosive visuals, isn't a filmmaker who one would describe as prolific, as The Glorias is only the fifth movie she has made since her 1999 debut Titus, so the arrival of a new project should be eye-catching all by itself.

The new movie also happens to be a return to the biopic genre for the filmmaker, who previously directed Frida starring Salma Hayek. That film ended up being Oscar nominated six times over (ultimately winning in two categories), so there is plenty of reason to get hyped for this one.

The Glorias had its world premiere earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was greeted with a warm reception, and now the wait is almost over to watch the film in your own home. The star-studded biopic is getting an exclusive release on Amazon Prime, and will be available to subscribers at the end of this month – specifically on September 30. Mark it on your calendar, and check back for more of our coverage of the film here on CinemaBlend as we get closer to the date.

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